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Our Mission

We transform the lives of men with permanent, nonsurgical procedures for a lifetime of bulletproof confidence and better sex. It's the only thing we do. And we do it the best.

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Interview with Dr. Malik
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A Note From Dr. Malik

Confidence is the key to success. As the owner and Senior Medical Director of Prometheus, I want to help you get more.

In my years of working in medicine, I have seen the number of male patients seeking penis enlargement and enhancement services grow exponentially. However, the options hadn't changed much over the past decades: there were unproven and potentially dangerous pills and creams, or there were invasive surgeries with long recovery times. I knew there had to be a better solution. And now there is.

We founded Prometheus By Dr. Malik to offer a cutting-edge male enhancement procedure designed to maximize your sexual confidence without all the risk. After working with several world-renowned male enhancement physicians, including Dr. Victor Loria, a prominent cosmetic surgeon who developed the collagen-layering activation filler procedure, I have refined the technique for even better results and shorter procedure time. Since then, we have continued to exclusively offer our nonsurgical procedures with proven, guaranteed results, so you can invest in yourself, your self-confidence, and your sex life without the risks and recovery of surgery or the added costs of temporary treatments.

We're committed to helping you ignite your confidence.

Dr. Farhan Malik, MD

Senior Medical Director and Male Enhancement Specialist


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    We will always protect our patients' privacy and information with discrete communication and confidentiality.



    We've been there. We know the questions, concerns, and fears. From consultation to recovery, we walk alongside each patient with personal support and honest answers. Let's transform your confidence.



    We empower men to take control of their lives and feel true confidence in their masculinity—in and out of the bedroom.



    Our highly specialized medical team is solely dedicated to providing permanent penis enlargement results that exceed patient expectations.


    Dr. Malik's Guarantee

    We guarantee a minimum penile shaft circumference gain of at least 1 inch when erect with the 2XL option. If this goal has not been achieved, Dr. Malik will provide one touch-up treatment at no cost. Conditions apply.

    Hear from our clients and their partners

    “I’m a normal guy, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to have a bigger penis. Before I had the procedure, I remember worrying whether I was crazy for wanting this. But now, I realize that I’m not crazy at all. It’s good to want something more in life. This procedure has revitalized my marriage and made me a new man.”


    "I had a very good experience with Dr. Malik, and look forward to my second treatment. Very happy with the results! His assistant Case was very helpful in assisting Dr. Malik, and explaining the after care process. I would highly recommend Dr. Malik."

    Anthony Manning from Macon, GA May 2022

    "Dr. Malik and his team were awesome. The process was painless and I was comfortable throughout. I am definitely satisfied with the results from the procedure. My confidence has never been higher."

    D. Smith from Augusta, GA May 2022

    "I’m telling you Dr. Malik and his team are the best around by far. The whole process and set up was a great experience and everything went very smoothly. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking to get male enhancement."

    Derek and Courtney from Atlanta, GA April 2022

    "Dr. Malik and his staff were so professional and informative that together we made the decision to move forward with the procedure. Well, I’m here to tell you it has been an incredible experience. It has improved our lives and relationship."

    Laura L from Rome, GA May 2022

    "Dr. Malik and team are the best. I have previously had the procedure elsewhere. While I did get positive results, Prometheus was a much better experience. If professionalism, expert care, and results are important to you and your investment trust Prometheus. Trust me!"

    Troy Cooper from Madison, GA April 2022