Prometheus by Dr. Malik TV Commercial

Prometheus by Dr. Malik is Atlanta’s premiere male enhancement clinic dedicated to helping men who want more self-confidence.

Male Enhancement Interview with FoxOne News

“Women aren’t the only ones who seek to enhance their look to feel more confindent and sexy.”

Men Get Real About How Penis Enlargement Surgery Made Them Feel Like ‘Kings’

“I feel like a king and try very hard, at times, not to beat my chest and yell out in a Tarzan call!”

Average Erect Penis Girth and Length

“It’s quite possible that some partners will never have seen a penis as big as yours before. Don’t scare ‘em!

New Technique for Penis Enhancement

“There are a lot of psychiatric and psychological issues for men who believe they’re not normal.”


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Permanent Filler for Penis Enlargement with Dr. Malik

In this video, Dr. Malik describes the penis enlargement procedure and the incredible results he has seen in his patients’ physical measurements and self-confidence.

Consultation Video by One of Dr. Malik’s Physician Assistants

Hear from JC, one of Dr. Malik’s physician assistants, about penis enlargement and the Prometheus by Dr. Malik procedure.

Consultation Video by Dr. Malik

Dr. Malik answers frequently asked questions about Prometheus and gives a detailed description of the procedure’s steps.

A Woman’s Perspective on Penis Enlargement and The Prometheus Procedure

Hear one woman’s experience with penis size and her boyfriend’s results after visiting Prometheus by Dr. Malik.

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2XL Penis Enlargement Results

See the real results of the Prometheus 2XL procedure.

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5XL Penis Enlargement Results

Real. Impressive. See the results of the Prometheus 5XL procedure.

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Penis Enlargement Results

Real. Impressive. Results. Guaranteed.

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Penis Enlargement Results

Real. Impressive. Results. Guaranteed.

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Penis Enlargement Results

Real. Impressive. Results. Guaranteed.


60 year old client talks about his temporary filler vs Dr Maliks permanent filler

“I had other fillers before having the Prometheus procedure and they didn’t last. Prometheus did.”

Scott not only adds size but also repairs his Peyronie’s Disease (PD)

“I did this for me. To feel more confident.”

Penis Enlargement Procedure Testimonial

“When I have sex now versus then, it’s just much more fulfilling.”

Male Enhancement Testimonial

“I wanted to have more confidence and not worry about what other people think.”

Penis Enlargement Testimonial

“Now when I look at myself in the mirror after a shower, I think…man, you’re a sexy guy.”

Michael’s Male Enhancement Testimonial

“The reason why I chose Dr. Malik to do the male enhancement procedure is because it is non-invasive.”

Penis Girth Enlargement Testimonial

“Since having the procedure I do have more of a sense of confidence as far as being able to please someone.”


Dr. Malik’s nonsurgical penis enlargement procedure has been featured in major publications for its impressive results.

Medical Male Enhancement: Is Bigger Better?

Answers to the question that sexually active men have asked themselves from the beginning of time.

“When we think about penis size we traditionally think about length, but there is another dimension that men should be aware of: girth. Penis girth is the measurement around the shaft, also known as the circumference. And it turns out that girth is the real size that piques women’s interest—for good reason.”

Men Turn To Dr. Farhan Malik For Their Most Sensitive Medical Treatments

About Dr. Malik, Prometheus, and the procedure.

“Whenever you’re undergoing a medical treatment of any kind, you of course want it to be done by the most talented and qualified doctor possible. For men, this is particularly true when it comes to penile enlargement. That’s why they turn to Dr. Farhan Malik, the senior medical director of Prometheus by Dr. Malik.”

Dr. Farhan Malik is Named Best Male Enhancement Doctor of 2021

A comprehensive list of the Best Self Atlanta’s Best of Winners for 2021.

“A double board-certified physician with over 15 years of experience and 500 five-star reviews, Dr. Malik emphasizes three areas that matter most to his clients: discretion, results, and customer service.”

Dr. Farhan Malik Talks About the Benefits of Male Enhancement

Dr. Malik talks about girth, sex, and the importance of self-confidence.

“Sexual confidence carries through life in other ways as well. It gives them a feeling of presence, power and prestige. When men have this done, it makes them feel more masculine and virile.” – Dr. Farhan Malik

Hear What Patients are Saying About Atlanta’s Dr. Farhan Malik & Prometheus

A short FAQ with Dr. Malik.

“Approximately 20,000 men a year undergo penile enlargement worldwide. The result is them feeling more masculine, virile and confident.”

Male Enhancement Q&A with Dr. Farhan Malik

Dr. Malik answers questions about male enhancement.

“A client can schedule to come in at lunch and within 2 hours walk out feeling more sexually confident and vibrant.” – Dr. Farhan Malik

New Aesthetic Treatment Prometheus Helps Men Gain Greater Confidence

The future of male enhancement for bigger, better, more impressive confidence.

“After a breast augmentation, women feel more feminine, while after penile enlargement, men feel more masculine and virile,” says Dr. Malik. “And when they’re more sexually confident, it carries over into their lives in other ways.”

Medical Male Enhancement: Safe, Minimally Invasive, and Permanent

A look into what makes the Prometheus Procedure the right choice for thousands of men.

“I’m a normal guy, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to have a bigger penis. It’s good to want something more in life. This procedure has revitalized my marriage and made me a new man.” – A Prometheus Client


Dr. Malik regularly shares his knowledge of male sexual health and the Prometheus Procedure with members of the press and the medical community. For media inquiries, interviews, or speaking engagements, please send an email to

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