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The scrotum is the pouch-like skin located under the penis that contains the testicles. Under the outermost layer of skin on the scrotum, there are several layers of connective tissue called fascia as well as a very thin layer of muscle. The testicles are located underneath this fascia as a separate complex glandular structure containing their own vascular tissue and nerve supply.

Our scrotal enhancement procedure involves microinjections of our proprietary filler just under the skin—no general anesthesia, scalpels, or stitches. This filler stimulates your body to produce more collagen, resulting in a larger, fuller scrotal area.

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Over 12,000 Happy Patients

"After the procedure, I went from a girth of 5.5 inches to a full 7 inches. Now I have the confidence I’ve always wanted and sex is better than ever before. This procedure saved my marriage. I feel like a new man now."

Chris from Atlanta, GA



Dr. Malik and the Prometheus team believe in the power of self-confidence and the life-changing effects of investing in yourself. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you see the results you want through a safe and proven procedure.


There are several reasons you may consider scrotal enhancement.

Enhancing A Small
Scrotal Area

Some patients may have a small scrotal area and the penis size is not proportionate to the scrotal area size. This can be due to age or simply your individual anatomy.

Enhancing For Feeling

Many men just want to feel more mass and movement in that location. The filler material, with the subsequent collagen production, will provide this increase in surface area and sensation.

Enhancing Tight Scrotal Skin

Tight scrotal skin can create uncomfortable pressure on the testicles, as well as make them appear small. Adding filler that builds collagen in the scrotum helps oppose the strong muscle cell contraction of the scrotal skin, allowing the skin to relax and appear much larger.

Enhancement Where You Want It

Dr. Malik can treat each area that you want enhanced—penis shaft girth, head, and scrotal area—during the same session. This gives you a time and cost-efficient procedure with more proportional results.

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