Male Enhancement Cost And Financing Options

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Penis Enlargement Specialists

Prometheus by Dr. Malik specializes in male enhancement procedures. We will always protect our patients' privacy and information with discrete communication and confidentiality.

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Our Most Popular Procedures

The Prometheus XL® — Single Penis Enlargement


Gain more length, .5 to .75 of an inch in girth, & 35% extra volume.

The Prometheus 2XL® — Double Penis Enlargement


Gain more length, 1 to 1.5 inches in girth & 80% additional volume.

The Prometheus 3XL® — Triple Penis Enlargement


Multi-treatment packages for maximum girth, volume & length gains.

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Individualized Treatment To
Reach Your Personal Goals

Dr. Malik has years of experience helping men achieve their aesthetic goals and he assesses each case individually. He will design a personalized treatment plan to help you enhance your physical appearance and improve sexual vitality.

Male Enhancement
Services & Fees

  • Scrotal Enlargement $8,700
  • Circumcision (Call)
  • Frenulum Removal $1,900
  • Scrotal Webbing Reduction $6,900
  • Penis Shaft Touch-Up $4,500
  • Penile Glans (Stand-alone) $3,500
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Financing Can Make
Your Dream a Reality

We are happy to offer financing through our own in-house plans as well as partnerships with medical financing companies. Financing and loans are available for FICO scores above 600. Interest rates vary from 10% to 29% depending on your credit profile.

Trusted Medical Financing Companies

We partner with medical financing companies to make our services more accessible. Visit their websites to see more about their financing options:


Dr. Malik's Guarantee

We guarantee a minimum penile shaft circumference gain of 1 to 1.5 inches when erect with the 3XL option. If this goal has not been achieved, Dr. Malik will provide one touch-up treatment at no cost.


"These procedures have been truly a blessing for me. I never felt comfortable walking around naked in front of my wife before. Now, whenever I walk into the room the first thing she looks at is my penis. It makes me feel really good."

Sidney from Macon, GA AUGUST 2020