• Double board-certified medical doctor specializing in sports
    medicine, men’s sexual health, and male enhancement, also
    known as penis enlargement.
  • Owner and Senior Medical Director of Prometheus by Dr. Malik.
  • Medical Director at Atlanta Innovative Medicine.
  • An expert in regenerative medicine and nonsurgical cosmetic
    penile enlargement.
  • Trained under world-renowned cosmetic surgeon and male
    enhancement specialist Dr. Victor Loria.

International Association of Sexual Medicine (IAS-M)
American Sexual Health Association (ASHA)
Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission

“I love the creativity and artistry required to sculpt a beautiful result, the same way a sculptor sees a statue in a slab of raw marble. Needle placement for the Prometheus procedures is a process of science and art—a talent and gift that ultimately benefits my patients and their partners.”



Dr. Malik’s regenerative medicine training encourages him to look for solutions—not short-term fixes—for his patients’ concerns. He noticed the demand for penis enlargement and enhancement was increasing every year, but men were frustrated with either risky surgical options or unproven at-home treatments. Dr. Malik believes everyone deserves choices that contribute to their overall feeling of well-being, and this led him to search for a better male enhancement augmentation treatment.


After training with industry-leading male enhancement specialist Dr. Victor Loria, DO, and learning his groundbreaking nonsurgical collagen-layering activation filler process, Dr. Malik was impressed with the procedure’s potential to maximize men’s sexual confidence. He further refined his technique by training countless hours with other renowned doctors like Dr. David Dellinger of Austin, Texas. With this new procedure now perfected, Dr. Malik knew he could provide the highest quality care for men’s penis enlargement.

Now Dr. Malik performs the Prometheus procedures alongside his highly-specialized team in their state-of-the-art facility, which they share with his other practice Atlanta Innovative Medicine.


Dr. Malik earned his BS degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Kansas, and his medical degree from Saba University School of Medicine.

Residency and Fellowship

He was the first resident selected for the new St. Francis Family Medicine residency program affiliated with the Virginia Commonwealth University. During his residency, he developed a detailed plan for a sports medicine fellowship, which became a blueprint for the creation of the St. Francis Sports Medicine fellowship. Dr. Malik’s post-graduate training continued at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a sports medicine fellowship. While there, he published a critical and widely referenced statement on steroid use for the Nevada boxing commission.

As an attending physician, Dr. Malik established a sports medicine department at Graves-Gilbert Clinic, a multi-specialty physician clinic in Kentucky. He then went on to establish a sports medicine program with a prominent orthopedic surgeon in Atlanta.

Atlanta Innovative Medicine

Dr. Malik joined Atlanta Innovative Medicine (AIM) as its medical director in 2005. AIM is Atlanta’s leading regenerative and aesthetics medicine practice, providing cutting-edge, nonsurgical orthopedic care.

“Medicine, for me, has always been a calling and a privilege. There is no greater calling than to help people feel and look incredible.”



Dr. Malik believes in personalized care for each patient because male enhancement isn’t one-size-fits-all. He supports his patients with a comprehensive approach to their treatment, helping them feel at ease from consultation to follow-up, and living their best lives with more confidence than ever!


Outside of work, Dr. Malik’s interests revolve around family, community service, and sports. Dr. Malik provides volunteer medical care at a local low-income clinic. He has also been a ringside physician since 2005 for multiple sporting event promotions including UFC, LFA, and WBO. He competed as a kickboxer at the 2014 WKA national championships. He spends most of his free time with his family including his wife Azra, who is a doctor of pharmacy, and their three children.


As a physician and man, Dr. Malik understands the importance of self-confidence and the impact it can have on a man’s overall well-being and relationship satisfaction. He believes that every man deserves to feel proud and confident in his manhood, both in public and private settings.

With this in mind, the mission at Prometheus by Dr. Malik is to provide transformative solutions that empower men and their partners without penis enlargement surgery.

Dr. Malik is committed to helping men and their partners achieve goals tailored to their individual circumstances, fostering a positive transformation that extends far beyond physical appearance.


Dr. Malik chose to become a penis specialist for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, this field allows him to provide a highly valuable medical service to patients who seek to find more confidence, life-changing sexual health, and more satisfying sexual activity.

He does this while also helping patients avoid penile enlargement surgery, a penile implant, or dermal fat grafts and the possible side effects, such as erectile dysfunction. This work gives him the opportunity to make a significant impact on his patients’ self-esteem and overall well-being. His patients report more confidence and enhanced sexual wellness.

Additionally, nonsurgical penis enlargement is a rapidly evolving field that incorporates a variety of techniques, offering exciting prospects for continued learning of the possibilities outside of plastic surgery.

Above all, Dr. Malik’s commitment to patient care provides an opportunity to make a difference in a deeply personal aspect of a patient’s life, which is immensely satisfying professionally and personally.

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