Tips for Men: Better Dates Start with More Confidence

Tips for Men: Better Dates Start with More Confidence

One of the biggest turn-ons for most ladies is confidence. Not only does confidence make you like yourself, but it also boldens you to display your sexual attraction.

Women have a weakness for confident men. Confidence creates a unique aura that makes you more appealing—call it the BDE effect

However, building your confidence is easier said than done. If fear and anxiety are ruining your first dates, these dating tips for men will help you feel more confident so you and your date can have a great time. 

Be Kind to Yourself

If there’s anything that can harm your confidence, it’s trying to fake it in the dating scene. Most people are intelligent enough to see beyond your temporary mask (you’ve probably experienced it yourself and wondered why they were faking it the whole time). Worse, you’re likely to be more nervous when you don’t trust yourself.

Often, most dating tipsters will tell you to be yourself when you’re super nervous during dates. Linnea Molander, a dating advice columnist, says this is terrible dating advice.

Nervousness sweeps away your composure. And even if you’re usually charming, you may resort to awkward behaviors to ease yourself. Sometimes, you might overcompensate to make yourself liked and end up ruining your date.

Counteracting anxiety during dating is a long-term process. It’s a lot more about learning about yourself and how to relax around new people rather than trying to be someone else. This involves getting to know who you are and trying to understand your strengths.

Your personality is more likely to shine on the first date if you emphasize your strong traits. If you’re introverted and a brilliant listener, let your ears take charge and pop in with a few words to fuel the conversation.

Being kind to yourself means letting your best self come out early on. By the time your negative traits have to come out, you’ll be more confident in your relationship. This way, you can overcome the heat and strike their fancy on the first date.

Keep Yourself in Shape

If you’re not happy about your body, you won’t be able to gather the courage to approach anyone. Your self-esteem suffers more when you think you’re unattractive or don’t have much to offer a partner. 

A body you feel good in is a tremendous bonus in the dating scene. Your sexual appeal skyrockets when you feel proud and attractive. 

You don’t have to look like a bodybuilder to increase your sexual market value. Focus on the overall benefits of a healthier body with regular movement and a solid diet that makes you feel good (and improves your stamina for all kinds of vigorous exercise). 

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Improve Your Appearance

You can sweep more partners off their feet if you focus on your overall appearance. A well-rounded look accomplishes more than you can imagine, and it can be the key to increasing your confidence.

Some tips to improve your appearance include the following:

  • Look for clothes that accent your frame
  • Iron your clothes for a more polished look
  • Target colors that bring out your personality and best features
  • Put on a nice cologne to make sure you’re smelling nice near your date
  • Put on clean, polished quality shoes to create the best first impression

Remember that the ultimate trick about your appearance is ensuring you’re comfortable with your look. Don’t follow trends just to fit in; use your clothes to make a statement about yourself and wear them confidently. 

Become More Interesting

A substantial part of lacking confidence results from being terrified of being boring. If you don’t know how to spur conversations, simple coffee dates can seem nerve-wracking. And you’ll often wonder what to do to improve your dating game.

If you pay attention in social circles, you’ll discover that everyone has the potential to be interesting. Interesting people have a way of garnering everyone’s attention at parties. They are more knowledgeable given the way they engage in more conversations.

The awesome news is that you can learn to be more interesting. By pursuing more interesting topics, you can lead conversations more often.

Show interest in other people to make yourself more knowledgeable. People are exploring some exciting hobbies out there. And if you open up to a life of experimenting, you can always find yourself with more experiences to share.

Another way to arm yourself with more knowledge is to watch documentaries, listen to podcasts and read avidly. The content shared online is chock full of exciting insights and stories. Every blog post or podcast consumed is an extra source of topics.

Improve your sense of humor as well. Humor can turn nervy words into memorable lines, help you connect with your date, and give you a confidence boost after a particularly well-timed joke. 

When you are armed with interesting experiences, stories, facts, and opinions, you’ll resonate with your date’s experiences and find conversations more enjoyable. You’ll endear yourself to your date and leave a lasting impression.

Embrace Rejection

It’s totally human to fear rejection. It’s one of the many reasons 50% of US adults say dating is getting harder.

Rejection is painful, and it’s one thing taking a toll on your emotions, self-esteem, and confidence. The more you’re rejected, you may doubt your game and slow down on trying to connect with other people.

See rejection as an opportunity to increase your confidence. Every time you take out a date, you’re giving yourself a chance to reevaluate your progress. You can discover your strengths and weaknesses, which you could only know through exposing yourself.

Understand that dating is two-way traffic. Things don’t always have to go your way. As much as you want them to agree to a second date, it isn’t a given. You’ll stop over-judging yourself when you stop taking it too seriously.

There’s also no winning or losing in dating, just experience. If you don’t connect with a date, learn from it and let them go graciously. 

Improve Your Sexual Powers

Your sexual confidence is your dating currency. While seducing a date is often about your confidence and words, keeping them also involves offering a memorable sexual experience.

If you are not happy with your sexual performance or the size of your penis, your confidence could wane before you even hit the bedroom. These feelings can fill you with self-doubt. You’ll be thinking if you can’t satisfy her, why ask her out in the first place?

For many men, improving their sexual skills starts with—you guessed it—confidence. When you feel better about what you can offer a sexual partner, you go into the dating experience with the right energy. And your date can tell. 

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Think About Your Dating Successes

We all do it: we dwell on the negative memories that remind you about your failures and decrease your confidence.

Instead, focus on what you have done right and flip the script on your confidence. Go back in time to pick confidence lessons from some of your most successful dating experiences. What did you do that felt good on a date? What can you learn from? 

This self-awareness is a great way to increase your confidence and feel better about the dating experience as a whole. 

Love Yourself

Self-love is one of the most effective ways to increase your confidence. Self-love makes you trust yourself and take pride in your abilities.

If you love yourself, you won’t think twice about pursuing what you think will make you happier. You’ll enjoy every minute of your date and face any response outcome with maturity because you know it isn’t based on anything you lack, just a bad match. 

Learn to love yourself and prioritize your needs. Embrace anything that boosts your physical, mental, and emotional health. If you don’t know where to start, explore self-care activities such as meditation, therapy, exercise, or hobbies. 

A shift in mindset from a negative to a positive can also help your self-love quest. Practice self-awareness to spot any thoughts making you feel bad about yourself. Try to figure out what makes you underestimate yourself.

Decide how you want others to treat you. Learn to set your standards and point out what you expect during dates. Say no and mean it and don’t feel guilty about demonstrating your values and principles.

Go on a Date

Experience is the best teacher when you boost your confidence in social environments. Early on, you may look timid because you feel inexperienced. But if you put yourself out there, you’ll significantly improve your social skills.

Don’t confuse this with focusing on quantity rather than quality. Embrace opportunities to hone your game and increase confidence. This means picking up on that flirtatious conversation you have with a stranger in line to get coffee, or chatting up that fun person you see at the dog park. 

If you’re facing more rejections than you expected, don’t give up. Know that you learn best from real-life experiences. 

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Improving confidence is one of the best dating tips for men. Confident men have an edge in the dating pool because they feel good about themselves and what they offer their partners in and out of the bedroom. 

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