The Ultimate Guide to Penis Health

The Ultimate Guide to Penis Health

Did you know that as soon as men enter into their forties that their chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction also increase by at least 40%? As we age, the chance of experiencing erectile dysfunction increases, and that’s why penis health isn’t something you’ll want to neglect. The thing is, your chances of experiencing a decline in being able to become erect and stay that way increases with every decade.

So, in your 50s, you will have a 50% chance of experiencing this, and it’s important to realize that this can happen at any age, not only in your later years. But how do you figure out what’s best for your penis so that you get the most out of it?

Dr. Malik: Atlanta’s Men’s Sexual Health Expert

Dr. Malik, a double board-certified medical doctor and expert in regenerative medicine and nonsurgical cosmetic penile enlargement, has the answers. Dr. Malik understands the importance of penis health, and that’s why he has spent years helping men renew their confidence through his specialized penis enlargement technique that avoids the health risks of surgery or pills. 

The best way to ensure that you maintain sexual gratification, healthy fertility levels, and a satisfying erection is to have your penis health at the top of your list. Let’s talk about the ways to not only make this area healthier but how to maintain that health.

Why a Healthy Penis Is a Happy One

Taking care of your penis requires more than keeping it clean. It will require a number of other things, and if you keep up with them, you are more likely to have a vibrant and satisfying sex life, higher levels of personal comfort and confidence, and even better personal hygiene.

Overall you need to make healthy decisions, and this includes your diet, being aware of the medications you take, and ensuring you’re being sexually responsible. Other things that aren’t necessarily physical factors can affect men’s health as well, so be aware of your mental health. Mental illness or impairment can affect personal hygiene, which may later affect your penis health. 

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As another tip, if you want a high level of physical and sexual health, consider quitting smoking if you do smoke. Men who smoke are said to be twice as likely to develop erectile dysfunction, and those that had at least 20 cigarettes in a day were 60% more likely to develop erectile dysfunction. Even if you don’t smoke 20 cigarettes a day, smoking, in general, is not a health-enhancing factor.

What Affects the Health of Your Penis?

There are a variety of things that contribute to men’s health. Like gut health, mental, or heart health, your penis also requires certain levels of attention to ensure prolonged wellness. Let’s talk about a few things that affect a man’s penis and how to prevent potential problems.

Personal Hygiene

Your hygiene is one of the main keys to healthy living. Keeping your private areas clean will reduce the chance of causing inflammation to your skin or signs of irritation which can become uncomfortable. You also want to make sure that you are cleaning your private area in the most proper way.

The best thing to do is to use mild soap and to ensure you’re cleaning not only the penis but under the foreskin and the entire head of the area as well. Doing this will prevent any smegma buildup, which is a sebaceous type of secretion that you will find within folds of skin. This substance is thick and white and may not have a smooth-like texture, so this is something you should pay close attention to.

Certain Health Conditions

If you have any preexisting conditions, you will need to stay on top of your medication and do your best to keep the condition maintained because certain health issues are direct contributors to a man’s penis health. A few examples are;

  • High blood pressure; especially if uncontrolled
  • Diabetes
  • Penile cancer
  • Diagnosis of ejaculatory disorders
  • Heart disease
  • Thyroid problems

You should also be aware that while certain conditions can negatively affect your penis, certain medications can as well. This could be certain blood pressure medications, pain medications, and even different antidepressants or antihistamines. Due to the variety of side effects that come with different medications, it’s best to speak with your primary care doctor to get a better insight into what is and isn’t right for you and your health goals.

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Hormone Levels

When you have lower levels of testosterone, men may experience hypogonadism. This causes a failure of the testes.

Additionally, when you have lower levels of blood testosterone concentration, men will notice a reduced sex drive. Not only do your hormone levels affect your sex drive, but you can expect your overall mood and even your weight to be affected.

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What You Eat

What you eat will indeed affect the health of your penis. What you want to aim for are foods that are loaded with flavonoids. Flavonoids are groups of natural substances that have phenolic structure varieties, which are natural metabolites.

Flavonoids can be found in certain fruits and vegetables and even in different teas, wines and grains. For a healthy lifestyle and a healthy penis, your diet should be rich in citrus fruits, leafy greens, apples, soybeans, and other foods that have a high level of flavonoids.

Also, if you happen to want to not only enhance the health of your penis but the length as well, it’s said that food such as salmon, watermelon, spinach, and onions can increase penis size along with other foods. Watermelon, for example, has high amounts of citrulline amino acids, and this is what positively contributes to its size.

While there are natural ways to optimize health and length, there are also ways to diminish what you gain from a health standpoint. This means that you should avoid a diet that consists of a lot of processed foods.

Also, if you want to experience consistent and lasting erections, stay away from;

  • Flavored sodas
  • Large amounts of alcohol on a consistent basis
  • White bread
  • Non-grass fed beef 

Blood Flow Makes a Difference

Keep in mind that your blood vessels directly affect your ability to get and keep an erection. Reigniting your sexual health can start with something as simple as a few ways to increase penile blood flow. To start, make sure that you are staying hydrated.

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Drinking an adequate amount of water every day will improve your circulation, which will help with getting consistent erections, and when this happens, your arteries can expand and increase penile blood flow. 

Disadvantages of Neglecting Penis Health

When you ignore your penis health, you are increasing the chance of developing a variety of issues. This includes not only physical discomfort or skin irritation but ED or even the buildup of bacteria. A lot of these things will lead to other health problems as well.

For example, if a man has poor hygiene, he may experience layers of smegma. That buildup contains bacteria, and overgrowth of that bacteria can cause urinary tract infections. Consistent UTI’s especially those left untreated, can cause reproductive health issues.

When that bacteria spreads to the epididymis or the testicles, for example, men will experience a lower sperm count. They may also encounter a reduction in their motility which is another term for the capability your sperm will have to actually move or travel through the female reproductive system. This will lower your chances of having children if you are actively trying with your partner. 

The Top Ways to Maintain a Healthy Penis

To limit your risk of developing erectile dysfunction or poor penis health, you should consult with experts. In general, you should consider doing a few additional things that will help as well.

If You’re a Cyclist; Limit Your Riding

You’d be surprised to find out that avid bicycle rides can actually lead to an increased risk of ED in men. It’s not the riding that increases your risk. It’s mainly the seat. When you sit on a bicycle seat on a consistent basis, and for long periods of time, the pressure on the perineum negatively affects your nerves.

If you recall, increasing blood flow makes for a healthier penis. The pressure from a bicycle seat over time, however, can slow your blood flow temporarily. This could later lead to an ED diagnosis.

See a Doctor About Stopping Your Snoring Habit if You Have One

Low levels of testosterone play a direct part in your ability to get an erection. When you snore or at least habitually snore, there is a chance you may have sleep apnea. However, keep in mind that not everyone that snores has sleep apnea.

If you aren’t sure, you should consult with a physician, but snoring is one of the main signs of the disorder. This could cause a reduction in your t-levels, and this is what exposes you to a higher chance of developing ED.

Tossing Canned Foods That You Have

BPA or bisphenol is found in some metal cans, often the lid or cap of the item. While most food companies remove BPA, there is still the chance of coming into contact with it.

BPA does not react well with the body and replicates how your body would react to a spike in estrogen, which causes a reduction in testosterone. When your t-levels are reduced, you’re more likely to develop ED.

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Igniting Your Confidence

As we age, there are certain health problems that we are at risk of. With the right guidance, products, and health plan, you can prevent a diminishing sex life and gain better penis health. Prometheus helps men to ignite their confidence, reclaim their manhood, and elevate their sex lives. As a man, taking control of your penis health and confidence can be one of the most effective ways to invest in yourself. 

To find out what is best to help you achieve your desired results, schedule a 100% confidential, no-cost, and no-obligation consultation with us today to experience your body at its finest.


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