The Best Sex Positions for Men to Try with Women

The Best Sex Positions for Men to Try with Women

How often do you change up your sex positions? 45% of couples use the same 2 sexual positions during a sex session. As much as we all have our fail-safe positions that are comfortable and feel good, the majority of us want to spice things up in the bedroom!

But how do you know which positions to try and which ones will feel amazing without having to go through the embarrassing fumbling around with your partner? Doing a little research into which sex positions for men will achieve better orgasms for both him and her is a good place to start.

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Check out these top sex positions for men to build your sexual confidence and keep your sex life hot and steamy.

Why Try New Sex Positions?

Whether you’re single, seeing someone, or married, there are so many benefits to trying new sexual positions. No matter how long you’ve been with your partner finding the best sex positions can be fun, exciting, and great for strengthening your mental and physical connection. 

Add Some Variety

It’s easy to get into the habit of having sex in the same positions because it feels comfortable and familiar. Sometimes changing things up can seem like too much effort or you may worry it won’t feel as orgasmic as your usual positions.

However, once you take that step to try a few new positions, it can be a total game-changer! You never know what it could lead to and you both may find a new favorite that you’ve been missing out on!

Improve Your Sex Life

Adding new sex positions to your sexual activities with your partner can improve your sex life. It’s one of the most commonly used sex tips you’ll ever hear. Even if the number of times you have sex per week stays the same, switching up sex positions and locations will certainly feel like you’ve made a drastic improvement to your sex life. 

Boost Sexual Confidence

The commercial pressures of porn and body shaming can make us all feel inadequate sometimes. Pairing some sex position exploration with the Prometheus penis enlargement is the golden ticket to boosting sexual confidence and overall sexual health. 

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Help Sex Last Longer

Switching up sex positions during a sex session doesn’t just keep things interesting, it helps sex to last longer. We all know that once you get into the rhythm it’s hard to stop and things can finish a little earlier than expected – oops!

You can surprise your partner by (carefully!) changing sex positions without warning, or you could discuss it and make it a mutual decision. Whatever floats your boat!

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Practice Makes Perfect

The more sexual positions you can master, the more likely you are to become king or queen of the bedroom (or whereever you like to do it!). If you’re single, the more sexual positions you know, the more likely you are to satisfy a variety of tastes. If you’re in a relationship, keeping the sexual flame burning will be easier with the more positions you try.

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The Best Sex Positions for Men and Women

Ok so now we know why you should try new sex positions, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and find out which ones are the best sex positions for men and women. Enjoy!


This is one of the all-time favorite sex positions for men because they love seeing the girl in the driver’s seat. With the girl straddling the guy laying down, there’s a variety of ways she can writhe and bounce for the ultimate orgasm.


An intimate classic with great eye contact and versatility. The guy lies between the girl’s legs holding his upper body up with his arms letting his hips do the work.

Legs-Up Missionary

This is a great one for those who need a little extra help to achieve deep penetration. This is the next level of the missionary position where the girl’s legs are resting up on the guy’s shoulders.

The Captain

This one is also great for assisting deep penetration. The guy kneels in front of the girl who is on her back and he holds her straight legs in a V shape.

The Side Captain

This variation of the captain has the guy supporting the girl’s straight legs together with one hand at a 45-degree angle while leaning forward. This will help him reach the girl’s G-spot in no time.

Reverse Cowgirl

Guys love the view and girls love the level of control. This is just like the cowgirl but the girl faces the opposite direction. 

Doggy Style

One of the Nation’s favorite positions, this rear-entry position has everyone on their knees. The rear entry and control from the guy will make him feel like a boss. Girls love deep penetration with the ability to go hard or soft.

The Flatiron

This rear entry position is a more intimate version of doggy style. The girl lays on her front and raises her hips and butt with the guy behind in between her legs.

Counter Top

Take the action to the kitchen counter or any other table or worksurface for a naughty twist! The girl sits on the edge of the counter with the guy standing between her legs.

Standing Up

One of the easiest ways to spice things up is to get away from the bed and have sex standing up. Choose your favorite location and get intimate facing each other or from behind.

The Lap Dance

With the guy sitting down and the girl on top, you can see where this position gets its name. The guy sits comfortably as the girl straddles him (facing him or facing away) and controls the speed and intensity.


When you’re feeling sleepy or sensual, spooning is the ultimate intimate slow sex option. Both of you lay on your side and the guy enters from behind and both control the speed.

Eyes to the Sky

The girl starts off in reverse cowgirl and leans back on the guy’s chest until her feet are flat on the floor. This makes for some great hip-rocking action!

Spice Up Your Sex Life

Trying new sex positions for men may open up a whole new world of sexual discovery you never knew was possible! Prometheus is all about improving the confidence, sexual health, and sexual satisfaction of men in Atlanta, GA. Check out our other blog posts to broaden your sexual horizons and gain the sexual confidence you need to feel your best. 


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