The Benefits of Having a Bigger Flaccid Penis

The Benefits of Having a Bigger Flaccid Penis

You’ve likely heard of “growers” and “showers,” right? The former refers to a man with what appears to be a small penis that later grows into something much bigger than meets the eye. It’s a real thing, with one study showing that 26% of men are growers. If you’re looking for a way to increase your confidence, having a bigger flaccid penis can definitely do the trick. After all, having an impressive flaccid member has numerous benefits regarding sexual encounters, non-sexual situations, and overall self-esteem. 

From improved physical performance to boosting your sense of masculinity, let’s examine why having an extra-large flaccid penis could positively impact your life.

Does Flaccid Size Matter?

The coveted VPL (Visible Penis Line) has been a long-standing talking point in the gay community. So, yes. For gay men, the bulge is an important part of their initial attraction.

But do women care about the size of your flaccid penis, or are they looking for penis girth when it’s hard? 

Though men are considered the more visually stimulated sex, women also appreciate seeing a large bulge pre-intercourse. There is a reason so many straight men have been sporting gray sweatpants the last few years—and it has less to do with comfort than with how they showcase their package.

So while you think the size of your flaccid penis might not matter, women seem to be turned on by seeing a larger one (especially in those gray sweatpants). Furthermore, women are usually more interested in girth than in length.

Most women seem to understand the idea of a “grower” versus a “shower,” meaning that even if you look slightly smaller when soft, they know it’ll get bigger. So while your flaccid penis size likely isn’t a dealbreaker, more to show off is definitely better. 

Remember that satisfying a partner is more about how you use your member rather than how large it is, though. So never skip the step where you invest in learning how to enhance your emotional intelligence and sexual performance skills.

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Average Flaccid Penis Size

The flaccid penis is an interesting part of the human body. While it’s fairly straightforward measuring your penis’s erect size, it’s harder to measure when flaccid. Likewise, the average size varies from one country to the next. Studies in the United States show that the typical flaccid penis is 3.5 inches long.

All flaccid penises require blood flow for a proper erection and full functioning. Understanding what constitutes a “normal” flaccid size can empower you to make informed decisions about sexual health. 

The penis enlargement procedure offered at Prometheus by Dr. Malik will enlarge your penis, both erect and flaccid, so even if you aren’t concerned about your flaccid size, you will still get a permanent boost in size. 

grower or shower

Grower vs. Shower

How do you know if you’re a grower or a shower? First, you’ll need to measure your flaccid penis. Make sure you measure from the tip of the glans to the base of the shaft using a ruler, measuring tape, or a similar tool.

It’s important to ensure the bottom of whatever tool you’re using is flush against the skin around the base of your penis to get an accurate measure.

Then, you’ll want to get hard. Ensure you’re fully erect, and then measure your penis again (from the base of your penis to the tip of your glans).

Read the whole guide for measuring your penis length and girth here.

You’re a grower if the difference between your flaccid penis size and fully erect penis size is more than 1.5 inches. This means that if you measure 3.5 inches while soft and 7 inches fully erect, you’re a grower.

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Benefits of a Large Flaccid Penis

While a large erect penis is what most men are concerned with, a large flaccid penis can offer numerous advantages. From boosting your sexual confidence and self-image to giving you the confidence you need to bare more skin, here are the top benefits of having a larger flaccid penis.

Non-Sexual Situations

For starters, a large flaccid penis makes you feel much more confident even in non-sexual situations requiring nudity, such as locker rooms, doctor visits, or tropical vacations where you might be tempted to show off a bit more (ever thought about a nakation?).


Who doesn’t want to look at themselves in the mirror and feel confident about their penis size? It pays to feel confident about the size of your member, whether soft or hard. However, it’s not just about physical confidence. It’s also about having confidence in your overall persona.

That confidence carries over into other daily interactions simply by knowing what you’re packing. Imagine going on a date with a new woman and walking in with the confidence of a man who loves everything about his body. That is modern sex appeal.

Sexual Health Benefits of Penis Enlargement

Atlanta Penis Enlargement

Prometheus by Dr. Malik offers a non-surgical, permanent penis enlargement procedure that results in a longer and thicker penis when erect and flaccid. The procedure is minimally invasive, performed right in our office, and requires minimal recovery. 

If you are thinking about penis enlargement, a consultation with Atlanta’s male sexual health expert Dr. Malik is a great place to start. Take the time to schedule a consultation today and discover options for penis enlargement that may help you feel the confidence you want, no matter the situation. 

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