Penis Enlargement in Atlanta: Your Questions Answered

Penis Enlargement in Atlanta: Your Questions Answered

Separating Fact from Fiction on All Things Male Enhancement

We’ve all gotten the spam emails claiming to have the secret to a bigger penis. 

You are right to be skeptical. These pills, creams, exercises, and surgeries run the gamut from outright false marketing to serious surgical procedures (with all the risks and side effects that come with them). 

There is a reason they are still out there though. According to a study published in the Journal of Health Psychology, around 68% of men surveyed said they “had concerns about their penis size.”

Men’s self-confidence in both sex and life is wrapped up in the size of their penises. It is ingrained in our culture. 

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Do you need penis enlargement? Probably not. Most men who seek out male enhancement are average in size. But, imagine having a bigger penis with more girth. Could a larger penis give you more confidence and vitality? Absolutely. 

You don’t have to resort to questionable methods either. At Prometheus by Dr. Malik, we offer a cutting-edge treatment of permanent dermal filler without surgery or side effects. 

Dr. Malik developed this technique to answer concerns about penis enlargement in Atlanta. He wants to help men like you get safe, reliable, proven male enhancement without the risk. 

Ask Dr. Malik

In this article, we will cover some of the most commonly asked questions about penis enlargement procedures so you can feel confident in your choice. 

Is Bigger Actually Better When It Comes To Penis Size?

The answer to this question is far from a simple yes or no answer. 

Let’s first define the words “bigger” and “better.” The average penis size is between 5 to 6 inches in length, and 4 ½ inches in circumference (erect, not flaccid). These dimensions are important because they stimulate the vaginal nerves differently. 

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While lots of men think women want a longer penis, it is actually a larger penis girth that many women prefer. Which makes sense, considering their vaginal anatomy. 

The vaginal canal is filled with nerves and receptors along its walls—which can only be triggered by a penis with more girth. Additionally, this extra friction can make sex more intense and enjoyable for the man as well. This makes girth the most important penis dimension for sexual satisfaction and drives the popularity of penis girth enlargement. 

Outside of sexual situations, having a bigger penis can make you more confident in your body. Feeling confident is the foundation of attracting all the right things into your life. 

Can I Increase My Flaccid Penis Size?

Not all penis enlargement procedures increase flaccid size, but the Prometheus Procedure by Dr. Malik does—and our patients appreciate it. Since the permanent dermal filler encourages your body to create more collagen, your penis will still be larger in its flaccid state. This can help many men with confidence in nonsexual situations as well, such as locker rooms and saunas. 

What Are My Penis Enlargement Options?

Penis enlargement options fall into two categories: nonsurgical and surgical. Most nonsurgical options, such as creams, pills, stretching, or jelqing exercises, are not proven to work. A lot of their claims are simply bad advertising or stem from a misunderstanding of penis anatomy

Jelqing, for example, believes that microtears in the penis tissue will expand as they heal. This is the same basic principle behind weightlifters building muscles. However, the penis is not made from the same type of muscle as a bicep, so it will not respond the same way. 

The other category is penis enlargement surgery. This includes options such as fat grafting and suspensory ligament cutting—none of which are currently backed by the American Urological Association

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However, there is another option that stands out from the crowd. The Prometheus Procedure is for men who don’t want the risks of surgery but want to see reliable, permanent results. Under local anesthesia, microinjections are applied to the penis (the shaft, head, and scrotum can all be treated). Your body absorbs the filler and replaces it with its own collagen, a protein naturally found in your penis. This adds fullness and size to your penis. 

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Can I Enhance My Tight Scrotal Skin Nonsurgically?

Yes, at Prometheus by Dr. Malik we offer a nonsurgical solution to very tight scrotal skin as well. The scrotal enhancement procedure involves the placement of the same long-acting permanent filler material. The subsequent collagen production adds youthfulness and heft to your tight scrotal skin area.

Dr. Malik can treat your tight scrotal skin in the same appointment as your penile shaft enlargement and/or your glans penis (penis head) enlargement.

What Are The Side Effects of a Penis Enlargement Procedure?

Surgical penis enlargement carries the same risks and side effects as any other surgical procedure due to general anesthesia and the invasive nature of surgery. Some of the possible side effects of penis enlargement surgery include: 

  • nerve damage
  • change in sensation
  • vascular damage and/or tissue necrosis resulting in abnormal penile shape
  • excessive scarring
  • erectile dysfunction

Fat grafting involves surgically transferring fat from one area to another, often through nonsurgical injections. This procedure comes with its own set of possible side effects and risks: 

  • Fat necrosis from limited blood supply to the area
  • Lumpiness or unevenness
  • Fat reabsorption 
  • A softer feeling erection

Many nonsurgical options have side effects as well. Male enhancement pills can interact with other medications you take. Exercises, stretchers, or pumps can cause tissue damage or erectile dysfunction. 

Here’s the good news: The Prometheus male enhancement procedure is minimally invasive and does not carry the surgical risks of an invasive penile enhancement surgery. Read more about Prometheus by Dr. Malik here

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What Are The Risks Of Permanent Dermal Filler Injections for Penis Enlargement?

Our collagen-layering activation technique involves no scalpels, no sutures, no stitches, no scarring, and no general anesthesia. The entire treatment consists of microinjections to allow the filler material safely and effectively under the penile skin. This drastically reduces the risks of infection or complications under general anesthesia that surgery carries. Our patients report minor tenderness of the area in the days after the treatment. 

Are Permanent Dermal Fillers Safe And Effective In Enlarging The Penis?

Fillers have been used in the cosmetic surgery field for over 75 years, but the dermal fillers we use today are very different from just a couple of decades ago. 

In the 1980s dermal fillers lasted for several months. Over time physicians and researchers developed superior fillers that lasted up to 1 to 3 years. Now we use long-acting fillers to enlarge the penis with collagen-layering activation, which results in permanent enlargement. Our fillers are proven to be safe and reliable with lasting results. 

What Does Penis Enlargement Cost?

Depending on the type of procedure, the price for penis enlargement can vary drastically. Surgeries are at the high end of the price range. See a comparison of all the options, including penis enlargement cost, in our Ultimate Guide to Penis Enlargement. 

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I’m Looking for Penis Enlargement in Atlanta. What Now?

If you have questions about increasing the size of your penis, request a no-cost penis enlargement consultation with our office. Get the answers you need to make a male enhancement decision with confidence. 


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