Should You Get Saline Penile Injection? (A Definitive Answer)

Should You Get Saline Penile Injection? (A Definitive Answer)

Countless options to choose from sound amazing. Right?

Well, maybe when it comes to dessert, but not exactly when it comes to penile augmentation methods.

Today, I’ve decided to take a deep dive into the topic of saline penile injection as a popular method of penis enhancement.

This means that I’ll share my insights, and objective opinions, and introduce you to the procedure itself. I believe this is all crucial information for all those who are considering this method and haven’t done their research.

Let’s not waste any more time, and get straight into it.

Saline Penile Injection 101

Saline penile injection is a procedure that has been offered and done countless times until now. Yet, people seem to neglect the essence of this procedure, which isn’t the best thing to do.

Saline injections are one of the more invasive methods of enhancing the size of a penis that doesn’t include extensions or implants.

This temporary solution is based on a simple principle. Saline solution, which is basically sterile salt water, is used to immediately enhance primarily the girth and volume of a penis.

The solution provides exclusively temporary enhancement, as the body will absorb the saline over time. This is not avoidable nor preventable.

The Procedure

The procedure alone is what stimulates men to look for alternatives. Sadly, that’s for a good reason.

Firstly, a relatively large-gauge needle is used to inject the saline solution into the penile shaft. Then, the saline is distributed evenly to achieve the desired enlargement effect.

A relatively large syringe, similar to one used for saline penile injection.

The amount used depends on each case. Smaller penises will require smaller doses of saline, but essentially it’s all dependent on the size of the penis and the desires of the client.

While all of this is happening, a tourniquet is firmly positioned at the base of the penis to prevent any saline to flow out of the penis as well as to provide a bloodless procedure.

Benefits, Risks & Considerations

The problem with this approach is the inevitable presence of the tourniquet.

This device, if not used properly, can lead to damage to blood vessels and nerves located in the penis. Contrary to popular belief that the penis is a simple organ, it’s not.

Nerve damage may be irreparable, which is ultimately the only potentially permanent thing you might gain from this procedure.

The benefits aren’t as vast as the risks. The fact that the results are immediate comes to mind first.

Also, the fact that penile saline injection doesn’t contain any aggressive substances substantially lowers the risk of infections and allergic reactions.

Saline penile injections are a semi-controversial topic in this field, and I can definitely see why that’s the case.

It’s an invasive procedure that’s often done under local anesthesia and carries a fair bit of risk for a non-surgical procedure.

Additionally, the older you are, the longer you’ll be expected to spend in recovery. Although this technically isn’t an operation, you still have a wound on your penis shaft, which needs to heal completely before you enjoy the results of the saline penile injection.

Alternatives to Saline Penile Injection

I know a good number of you are not losing hope. You’re thinking “If penile saline injections before and after results aren’t worth it, what is?”

Completely legit questions.

Well, I’m happy to be that bearer of good news – medicine has exponentially widened your options when it comes to penile augmentation.

Here are some of the most popular non-surgical penile injections for growth out there you may consider:

I’ve spent over 20 years changing men’s lives with collagen-stimulating injections. By injecting two FDA-approved substances 1-2 millimeters under the skin of your penis, I stimulate forming of collagen tissue.

Not only are these results amazing-looking, but permanent as well.

Those who are ready to have their life changed by the procedure dubbed “Prometheus”, a non-invasive, non-surgical approach to penis enlargement, schedule a consultation with me.

I’ll be more than happy to sit and talk to you, help you set goals, and be the one who will lead you to those goals.

schedule consultation

When choosing an alternative to a saline penile injection approach, be as patient as you’ve been while exploring this topic.

Usually, the right answer becomes clear after extensive research.


I believe it’s my duty to present you with the most important facts about a medical topic. As a double-board-certified doctor, that’s an oath I’ve taken.

That’s what I’ve done in the past, that’s what I’m currently doing with saline penile injections, and that’s what I’ll continue to do.

The ultimate decision is only up to you, and I understand that. The only goal I have is to equip you with all the facts you need to make an informed decision and leave you (and your partner) as satisfied as possible.

Remember – take your time, and the right answer will usually jump at you!


  • Dr. Farhan Malik

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