Permanent Penis Enlargement in Atlanta: A Soldier’s Story

Permanent Penis Enlargement in Atlanta: A Soldier’s Story

There is a stereotype, among lots of other penis enlargement myths, that the only men who get penis enlargement must have much smaller penises than the average man. This leads men with average-size penises to think they are alone in their curiosity about penis enlargement. However, it isn’t just men with small penises who find themselves looking for solutions to improve their sexual confidence. 

Are you considering penis enlargement in Atlanta, GA? We can guarantee you aren’t alone. Studies found that 66% of men rated their penis size as average, and 46% of these same men desired a larger penis while 45% of all men desired a larger penis.

At Prometheus by Dr. Malik, we don’t see just one type of man walk through our doors. Instead, our patients come from a variety of backgrounds with unique goals for their penis enlargement. Some have penises that are smaller than average, others fall in the range of average size, and still others are slightly larger than the average American man. We have learned that it isn’t a man’s size alone that matters, but his confidence that matters most. And many men simply want more. 

How Penis Enlargement Gave Michael His Confidence Back

One of our patients, Michael, had this exact difficulty. He wasn’t excessively smaller than average, but he wasn’t happy with his size. And that is a problem. His dissatisfaction began getting in his head, standing in the way of a satisfying sex life. 

In this article, we will share Michael’s story and his experience at Prometheus by Dr. Malik. We are proud of stories like his because we know how important confidence is for a man—and how big of a role penis size can play in how he feels about himself. 

Sexual Health Benefits of Penis Enlargement

What Is Prometheus by Dr. Malik?

Located in the Atlanta, GA area, Prometheus by Dr. Malik is a high-end medical clinic that specializes in non-surgical, permanent penis enlargement. Dr. Malik’s breakthrough technique paired with our stellar patient support services make us a very popular choice for men who want to see significant penis size gains without the risks of surgery

About Dr. Malik: Atlanta’s Men’s Sexual Health Specialist

Dr. Farhan Malik is a double board-certified medical doctor specializing in sports medicine, men’s sexual health, and male enhancement. He is the owner and Senior Medical Director of Prometheus by Dr. Malik, as well as the Medical Director at Atlanta Innovative Medicine. Dr. Malik trained with world-renowned cosmetic surgeon and male enhancement specialist Dr. Victor Loria, eventually perfecting his own technique of non-surgical penis enlargement.

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Differences Between Penis Enlargement Surgery and Prometheus by Dr. Malik

Like any surgery, penis enlargement surgery is invasive and requires considerable time to recover. Surgeries are done in a hospital and often require professional follow-up care. The requirements for penis enlargement surgery are extensive because you will have to undergo anesthesia.  

Prometheus by Dr. Malik offers a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure without the risks of anesthesia. This means more men are eligible for the procedure, it takes less time at just two hours, and there is minimal downtime for recovery.

Is Penis Enlargement Surgery Safe?

Penis surgery, also called phalloplasty, is a controversial surgery due to its high risk of complications. The penis area is a sensitive system, filled with nerves and important blood flow. Some men unfortunately experience complications after penis enlargement surgery, everything from reactions to anesthesia to infection and erectile dysfunction. 

Fortunately, modern medical advancements have given us a new alternative to penis enlargement surgery. Now men can avoid the risks and side effects of surgery and still see the penis size increase they want for better sex and enhanced confidence. 

Benefits of Dr. Malik’s Permanent, Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement

There are numerous benefits to non-surgical penis enlargement. However, not all penis enlargement procedures are created equal. Some require annual touch-ups, others do not guarantee their results. Dr. Malik is dedicated to providing the best procedure he can with the most advantages for his patients. 

No Touch-Ups

When we say permanent, we mean your newly enhanced size is yours forever—no touch-ups or redos required. Ever. Of course, if you want to go even larger we can arrange for additional treatment. 

Minimal Recovery

Most men return to work the next day and report low discomfort during their recovery. Unlike penis enlargement surgery, this is an outpatient procedure performed at our cutting-edge medical clinic, not a hospital. The typical procedure time is just two hours. 

Ultra-Low Risk of Complications

The microinjections are minimally invasive, so there is very low risk of complications or infection. Since there is no anesthesia, there is no risk of an adverse reaction. 

Proven Results

Unlike over-the-counter penis enlargement supplements, lotions, and exercises, the results of the Prometheus by Dr. Malik procedures are proven and guaranteed. Dr. Malik guarantees a minimum penile shaft circumference gain of 1 to 1.5 inches when erect with the 3XL option. If this goal has not been achieved, Dr. Malik will provide one additional treatment at no cost.

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How Much Does Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement in Atlanta, GA Cost?

Your body and penis enlargement goals are unique, so we offer packages to make sure you get what you want. Our individualized treatment is tailored to your size-increase goals and placement preferences. 

We believe that everyone should be able to take control of their sexual health, including their penis size. That’s why we work to keep our services affordable while still offering the best treatment from the most qualified board-certified medical doctor. We also offer in-house financing, as well as partnerships with trusted medical financing companies. 

See Our Cost and Financing Details 

Meet Michael

Michael is a 49-year-old Navy and Army veteran. He has a full, active life. He spends time with his girlfriend, golfing, and with friends. 

However, a few years ago he felt something was lacking. He wanted more confidence for sex. He wasn’t smaller than the average American man’s penis, but he still wanted a bigger penis. 

“Five years ago I was contemplating all kinds of different procedures,” says Michael, “Not that I really needed it, I just felt I was lacking some in that department.”

First Attempts at Penis Enlargement

“I tried other things, pills, but those never worked. I looked into some other procedures but they were so invasive that that really just kind of scared me.” 

Michael quickly found out how frustrating it was to try to increase his sexual confidence on his own. Over-the-counter pills, lotions, and at-home penis stretching exercises are not FDA regulated. They do not have proven results. 

Michael also tried exercising more and changing his lifestyle to try and build up his confidence. These changes helped, but he needed to see more of a change. Soon, he felt defeated. He was throwing his time and money at this problem and seeing no results. 

Then, he found Prometheus by Dr. Malik. 

Why Michael Chose Dr. Malik

“I really like Dr. Malik, and his staff made me feel really confident about my decision and really safe about doing the procedure,” says Michael. 

Michael, like most men, was not open to an invasive penis enlargement surgery. Dr. Malik’s procedure appealed to him because it was not surgery, but it did offer real results. “The reason why I chose Dr. Malik to do the male enhancement is because it’s non-invasive. . . there are multiple different procedures out there, some that basically will cut the penis open which I didn’t want to do. I wasn’t looking for anything really that invasive.”

The proprietary filler Dr. Malik uses made sense to Michael and got him excited about the possibility of seeing his goals come to life. 

“The product that they use was a game-changer for me. It’s a permanent filler. There are other companies that have temporary fillers, and then you have to go back and you have to do those every year or so…I didn’t really want to do that.”

After speaking with Dr. Malik, Michael made his appointment to finally have the penis enlargement procedure he was waiting for. 

Penis Enlargement Procedure at Prometheus by Dr. Malik

Since the procedure involves such a sensitive area, many men are understandably afraid of pain during the microinjections. However, Michael found that the procedure was quite easy and involved very little discomfort at all. 

“The one thing about the procedure that I thought was fantastic,” he explains, “is that you feel no pain. Like, at one point I felt a little bit of a prick, but it was like it was nothing. I was really amazed and I almost fell asleep while getting the procedure because I really didn’t feel anything.”

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Michael’s Penis Enlargement Results

The most exciting part of the procedure is, of course, the result. And Michael found that the recovery was a simple process, leading to improved confidence after seeing his full outcome.

“After the procedure, I felt amazing. There’s not a lot of downtime, there’s not really a lot of recovery.” 

Sex After Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement in Atlanta, GA

“It’s changed my life,” Michael says. “It’s given me more confidence. It’s amazing. I feel, I don’t even know how to explain it, it just gives you more heft, you know?”

Michael reports that sex after his procedure has become what he always wanted. He feels sexually satisfied, and he knows his partner does as well. 

“Let’s put it this way, it normally takes a longer time to get an orgasm from my girlfriend. After I had the procedure the orgasms were a lot sooner and a lot more so to me that just made me happy and at the same time it also fulfilled her and now, you know, she can’t get enough of me.”

Michael is now able to enjoy his sex life thoroughly with more confidence in what he offers his sexual partners. 

“There’s not enough really I can say about Dr. Malik and his staff because from start to finish it was amazing. Dr. Malik is very funny, he’s very personable, so he really took a lot of the stress and anxiety of the procedure off of me.”

Watch Michael’s Success Story Video Here

Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement in Atlanta, GA

Take control of your body, your self-confidence, and your sexual satisfaction. If you are curious about what life would be like with a bigger penis, our non-surgical procedure makes it a low-risk opportunity, and in just two hours!. 

Whether you want a big size increase or a more modest addition, Prometheus by Dr. Malik can help. Dr. Malik is the men’s sexual health expert in the Atlanta area, so you know you are in good hands. 

Make your sexual health and happiness a priority. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

The Effects of Penis Enlargement: Everything You Need to Know

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