Penis Implants: What You Should Know About Penile Implant Surgery

Penis Implants: What You Should Know About Penile Implant Surgery

Penile implants have gained attention as a potential solution for penis enlargement. Although sexual health doctors and surgeons rarely suggest surgical penile augmentation outside of specific circumstances, this is a topic that garners curiosity among men seeking to enhance their genital size.

For individuals exploring male enhancement options, understanding the ins and outs of penile implants is crucial. The significant risks and possible side effects of the penile implant procedure cannot be overlooked and require serious consideration.

Here’s a detailed guide covering essential aspects of penile implants for enlargement and what men should know about this surgery.

Types of Penile Implants

Penile implants exist in two typical forms: inflatable penile implants and the semi-rigid penile prosthesis.

Inflatable implants are commonly made of a two or three-piece device: cylinders are embedded in the penis and connected to a pouch of saline inserted into the abdomen or the scrotum.

A semi-rigid penile prosthesis is usually made from a core of metal coils and covered in a silicone sleeve.

Can You Get Hard With a Penile Implant?

To create an erection with an inflatable penile implant you can pump saline into the cylinders. Once the valve opens in the scrotum, the water is pumped into the cylinder or cylinders in your penis and the fluid creates an erection. Afterward, you can release the valve and drain the saline back into the reservoir.

With semi-rigid penile implants, there is no difference in your erect penis and your flaccid penis. The silicone implants do not change states, so your penis is always in an erect state of hardness. However many men find they can bend their penis downward when not preparing for sexual contact.

Do Penile Implants Make You Bigger?

Most penile implants are created to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), not enlarge penile size. Since the penile implant procedure is an invasive surgery, it is usually only recommended to men who have tried other ED treatments without success and cannot get a natural erection. Other treatments often include medication, using a penis pump, and lifestyle changes.

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What Are the Possible Risks of Penile Implant Surgery?

Like any surgical procedure, penis enlargement surgery carries the possibility of health risks.

  • Infection risk: Surgery poses a risk of infection, especially for individuals with spinal cord injuries or diabetes.
  • Implant issues: Malfunctions may occur, necessitating surgery for repair or replacement. Opting against surgery to repair the penile implant could leave a broken device in place and cause further tissue damage.
  • Internal erosion or adhesion: Implants might adhere to or erode the skin inside the penis, occasionally breaking through the skin. These issues are sporadically linked to infections.
  • Pain medication side effects: Some men have reactions to the pain medications prescribed or find it difficult to go back to their lives while recovering.

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How much Does a Penile Implant cost?

Typically, a penile implant ranges in cost from $12,000 to $20,000, yet pricing can differ among surgeons and healthcare facilities.

The cost of penile implant surgery is so high to cover the surgical space, anesthesia, and other costs related to surgery. There is usually no insurance coverage for penis enlargement surgery.

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A Different Method: Prometheus by Dr. Malik

Dr. Malik’s non-surgical method for penis enlargement offers a less risky, more affordable, and reliable alternative to penile implant surgery.

Lower Risk

Non-surgical methods generally pose fewer risks compared to surgical interventions. Removing the invasive aspect also removes the risk of complications such as implant malfunctions or adverse reactions to surgery and anesthesia.


In contrast to the considerable expense associated with penile implant surgery, the non-surgical procedure at Prometheus is more cost-effective. This affordability makes it more accessible to individuals seeking enhancement without the financial burden of surgery.

Prometheus by Dr. Malik also offers in-house financing options. Read more about pricing and financing here.


Dr. Malik’s proprietary filler and unique technique are proven effective with reliable outcomes. Prometheus offers proven male enhancement techniques alongside respect, compassion, and a personalized plan for your goals. With our most popular treatment, patients typically see more length, 1 to 1.5 inches in girth, and 80% additional volume. Overall, we have an excellent record of patients who report increased confidence, better sexual intercourse, and overall satisfaction.

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Personalized Results

Microinjections of filler can go anywhere you want to see size gains, including the penis shaft, glans (head), and scrotum.

  • Increase penis girth for greater thickness of your shaft and stimulation during sex.
  • Enlarge the penis head (glans) to gain flaccid and erect length and proportion to girth.
  • Enhance your scrotum for more comfort, feeling, or size proportionate to your penis.

Dr. Malik is experienced in using your goals and your personal anatomy to inform his placement and give you natural-looking results that exceed your expectations.

Accessibility and Ease

Dr. Malik performs the non-invasive procedure in the state-of-the-art Prometheus medical office—and the procedure typically only takes about two hours. The accessibility and convenience make this approach more appealing to individuals seeking discreet male enhancement without undergoing invasive procedures with long recovery periods.

For men exploring safer, more affordable, and reliable alternatives for penis enlargement, Prometheus by Dr. Malik offers an outstanding solution.

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Prometheus by Dr. Malik: Men’s Sexual Health Specialists in Atlanta

Penile enlargement through implants or surgical procedures is a significant decision that requires thorough research, consultation, and consideration. Understanding the limitations, potential risks, and realistic outcomes is crucial.

Men considering penile enlargement surgery should prioritize their physical well-being above their penis size, and one safer way to do that is through nonsurgical penis enlargement. With fewer risks and reliable results, minimally invasive penis enlargement can give you the penis size increase you seek without the penis enlargement surgery.

Open communication with a qualified healthcare professional like Dr. Malik is essential to gather accurate information, address concerns, and make an informed decision about your penis enlargement.



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