How Do Penis Extensions Work & Are They Worth It?

How Do Penis Extensions Work & Are They Worth It?

Penis extensions have been a heated topic of discussion in the male enhancement world for a couple of years now.

All have opinions on them, many research them, but few actually have a clear picture regarding them.

Seeing this as a potential problem for those looking to find solace in penile extensions, I’ve decided to throw in my two cents.

Having spent more than 20 years in male enhancement, sports medicine, and sexual health, I’ve seen my fair share of penis extensions and talked to countless people that have extensive experience with them (both doctors and patients).

Let’s unwrap this delicate topic, find out whether these extensions really are a good option for all, and dive into the most important relevant pieces of information.

Understanding Penis Extensions

To fully understand what I’m going to talk about down the line, it’s quite important for me to get something straight, and that’s what penis extensions are.

These are products or devices with the main purpose of increasing the length or girth of a penis.

Don’t be fooled, penis extensions come in various forms and types. Some are more invasive, and some are less invasive.

So, depending on what you need and how permanent you want the solution to be, you should carefully pick which option to go with.

Types of Penis Extensions

Dealing with a wide range of options isn’t always good. Researching dozens of alternatives, comparing them, and reading countless testimonial articles can be tiring, and I completely understand that.

That’s why I’ve chosen to talk about the 3 main options in the field of penis extensions.

Penis extenders are mechanical devices that apply constant traction on the penis over an extended time frame. They lead to “micro-tears” in the penile tissue, promoting the growth of new tissue.

Penis extension sleeves are non-pharmaceutical devices that men who suffer from premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction use in order to enjoy penetrative sex. These sleeves are worn on the penis, with a rubber ring at the end that goes either around the shaft of the penis or the testicular sack.

Lastly, penis implants. This is the most invasive option out of all of the above-mentioned ones. These are inserted into a penis through a surgical procedure in order to provide more girth and length to the penis.

How Penis Extensions Work

Penis extenders usually work on the principle of stretching. The advocates of this method believe that, by stretching the penis, they’ll create micro-tears in the penile tissue which will stimulate and promote new tissue growth.

A penis extension sleeve works on a completely different principle. This product is worn much like a condom, over a large surface area of the penis. It allows for a longer experience in penetrative sex, even with a flaccid penis.

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction love this product, as it allows them to enjoy penetrative sex without the help of surgeries, pills, and other augmentation methods.

On the other hand, penis implants are a totally different approach. A surgical procedure is employed so two cylinders are placed into the penis along with a fluid-filled container that’s located in the abdomen. An inflatable pump is placed into the scrotum as well. When the pump gets squeezed, it sends fluid from the container into the cylinders, simulating an erection.

The Effectiveness of Penis Extensions

These methods are completely different, so it’s not illogical to expect different results from different types of penis extensions.

Penis extenders are the least effective when it comes to overall performance. A study has shown that men who used these devices for 5-6 hours daily for a period of 6 months managed to gain between .3 and .9 inches in length, but only in the flaccid state.

For some of you reading, that may be all you need, but I seriously doubt that. Men who are invested in these topics often look for a permanent solution to their problems.

If that sounds like you, I suggest you check out what we do at Prometheus by Dr. Malik: a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure I employ to change my clients’ lives. By injecting our proprietary filler made from FDA-approved components underneath the skin of the penis, we stimulate collagen tissue growth. This new collagen replaces the filler and yields permanent results.

If you’re unsure if this is the right choice for you, I’d love to see you for a consultation and provide all the necessary data you need to make an informed decision.

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But let’s get back to the main topic.

Penis extension sleeves are in a very high demand. All men can try them out and see if they like the results. These sleeves are quite effective, but only in a few cases I already briefly mentioned. Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are the two primary examples.

With premature ejaculation, the sleeves work by not allowing the penis to come into direct contact with the vaginal canal, allowing men to enjoy sex longer.

When it comes to erectile dysfunction, harder and firmer sleeves allow men to penetrate a vaginal canal in a flaccid state, pleasuring both their partner and themselves.

One thing I must stress is the use of lubricant or condoms with these sleeves. It’s not only recommended, but necessary.

A yellow pepper with a condom on it.

Lastly, the penis implants that are gained through penile extension surgery work quite well (when they work). This method relies on pumps, tubes, and a mechanism that has lots of moving parts. On top of that, the scrotum is a sensitive spot that’s under pressure when a man is in a seated position.

So, when the pump works, it works just fine, providing you with significant added girth and length. In other cases, you’ll spend more time at the doctor’s office fixing the pump than actually enjoying the results.

In addition, penile extension surgery before and after results don’t differ much in anything when compared to penile augmentation before and after results. But, as you know, penile augmentation provides a much less invasive approach to reaching your goals.


I’m not inclined to say whether you should steer clear of these abovementioned penis extension methods or try them out. But, I’m certainly recommending you try the less invasive methods first, as they’re much safer and less resource-consuming.

I encourage all men to do extensive research, try out non-invasive methods, experiment with safe techniques, and all in the name of reaching their goals.

Unlocking your true potential and reaching the heights you know you deserve is a worthy goal, and I hope each one of you succeeds in that.

Remember, it’s possible to redefine self-confidence and provide the pleasure your partner truly deserves.

Best of luck with your research!


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