Penile Enlargement Surgery Before and After – With Pics

Penile Enlargement Surgery Before and After – With Pics

As a double board-certified physician with almost two decades of experience in male enhancement procedures, sports medicine and sexual health, wherever I go, I’m met with a ton of burning questions about penile enlargement surgery.

I understand why men always approach me with these questions, as three out of every four men have thought about penis enlargement at least once in their life. This only goes to show you’re not alone in these thoughts.

Having said that, understanding the ins and outs of penile enlargement surgery and before and after results is crucial for anyone considering this life-changing decision.

This has prompted me to dive deeper into this subject, go over the most important facts regarding this type of genital surgery, and put penis enlargement surgery to the test against the top-notch alternatives that are available out there, such as the Prometheus method.

By the time you finish reading, you’ll have all the data you need to make an informed decision regarding such a big step.

Understanding Penile Enlargement Surgery

Embarking on such a journey is stressful for all men, and that’s quite understandable.

But understanding the penile enlargement surgery, before and after results, as well as everything that you’d be going through if you decide on that option can eliminate a good bit of that stress and fear, as well as point you in the right direction.

The Procedures: A Quick Overview

To put it bluntly – penile enlargement surgery aims to increase the overall size of a penis. This may seem like a simple goal, but the pathway to said goal is often tedious and painful, dragging on for months on end.

One type of penis enlargement surgery requires an incision in the pubic area, through which the suspensory ligament is cut, enabling the penis to extend further from the body and assume a lower hanging position, giving the appearance of increased length.

However, this type of surgery is not without its significant challenges and potential risks. Patients often face a considerable recovery period marked by prolonged downtime. Potential complications, discomfort, and the extensive need for follow-up procedures is why this type of genital surgery isn’t nearly as popular as it once was.

Another surgical procedure that was popular up until recently is subcutaneous fat injection surgery. To simplify it, a doctor takes some fatty tissue from another part of the body and injects it into your penis.

The problem with this kind of penile enlargement surgery is that the penis often loses shape, the patients report reduced sensation in the genital area, and the rate of satisfaction is overall quite low.

Not to mention the fact that the fatty tissue tends to interfere with nerves, and blood vessels, often causing problems and complications in the recovery period.

Candidacy for Penile Enlargement Surgery

The main problem with the above mentioned surgeries is that they’re a commodity. Not all men can undergo them, even though the studies clearly indicate that men of all ages can be suitable candidates for such surgery.

Although it’s clear there’s no upper age limit for a candidate, countless factors like previous surgical history, BMI index, and your penis anatomy can exclude you from being a fit candidate.

Unfortunately, many men lose all hope when they’re faced with the fact that something’s preventing them from resolving a huge problem. When you ask for help, your requests need to be met with a high-quality solution, not rejection.

Although I completely understand the frustration that comes from rejection, I always tell people that I talk to they should look at the bright side. In this case, that’s the fact that the American Urological Association deems these procedures unsafe and inefficient.

So, in a sense, you’ve dodged a bullet!

Preparing for Penile Enlargement Surgery

Before you even start preparing for the procedure itself, you need to find a person who’ll care for you for the first 24 hours after the surgery is done. Not all men have the commodity of someone looking after them, so even this first step poses a problem for a lot of people I chat with.

Then, you’re often faced with a rigorous plan of fasting that you need to follow for a few days before the procedure takes place. From my experience, I can tell you that the majority of diabetics and people with digestive-related health conditions often find this step very hard to follow.

On top of that, preparation for surgery involves consultations with a qualified surgeon and anesthesiologist to discuss goals, potential outcomes, and any potential risks, as well as running dozens of tests to make sure you’re okay to undergo the surgery.

Obviously, every person is different so your experience may vary, but these are some of the most crucial pieces of information you have to keep in mind when discussing the preparation period.

The “Before” Aspect

As with all surgeries, the “before” aspect can be the scariest part for a patient. There’s a lot of testing and exams to be done in order to ensure safety for those who undergo this surgery.

I’ll direct your attention to the most crucial parts of the “before” aspect of a penile enlargement surgery you need to be aware of.

Expectations vs. Reality

Many men come into a surgeon’s consultation room with high hopes and a lot of misconceptions. It’s vital to discuss what penile enlargement surgery before and after realistically looks like, including the limits of how much size can be safely gained.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the AUA deems these surgeries inefficacious, so all expectations have to be formed with reserve.

I know some of you feel discouraged right now, but your worries will be eliminated sooner than you expect. The field of male enhancement procedures has evolved quite a bit over the last two decades, allowing us to present you with wonderful alternatives to penile enlargement surgery.

One of the leading alternatives is Prometheus. This non-surgical procedure consists of placing our proprietary filler 1-2 millimeters under the skin. This specialized filler encourages your body to create more collagen in the area, resulting in permanent growth.

By having this approach, we not only avoid all the crucial parts of the internal structure such as nerves and blood vessels, but we also achieve permanent results.

We wrap it nice and tight, and you go about your day. Then BOOM – after a couple of weeks, you’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll!

Recovery and Aftercare

Post-surgery, patients can expect a period of recovery that involves following strict aftercare instructions to ensure optimal healing and minimize downtime. This includes managing pain, avoiding strenuous activities, and making sure the wound stays clean throughout the healing process.

Certain medications are prohibited during the recovery period, as they can cause negative effects such as extensive bleeding.

I’ve mentioned before that the first 24 hours of recovery are critical, and that you’ll need someone to take care of you. If you have children, the same goes for them. You won’t be able to care for them, go about your day, and function normally.

Your life before and after penis enlargement surgery won’t be the same, at least in the early weeks of the recovery period. After penis enlargement surgeries it’s always recommended to keep a strict behavior that minimizes movement and strain on your genital region, which is also quite hard to attain.

Penile Enlargement Surgery Before and After: Realistic Outcomes

Understanding the penile enlargement before and after results is crucial for setting realistic expectations.

Before we get into it, I want you to know something – I understand why you’re doing this. You know you’re a man, and you know what you’d be capable of if you were equipped by the right means.

I also know it’s time you get those means and maximize your abilities. Unfortunately, any type of penis enlargement surgery is a subpar way of doing that.

However, girth enhancement tends to offer more immediate and visible results, allowing you to be up and running in just a couple of weeks with visible, considerable, and permanent results.

The best part? It requires no cutting or stitching. It’s a non-surgical procedure that yields better results than surgery.

Here are just some of the various results my team and I achieved over the years:

Penile Enlargement - before and after results

For those interested in exploring the path of non-surgical solutions further, I encourage a private consultation where we can discuss your goals, concerns, and the best approach for you. Our clinic prides itself on offering discrete, effective, and non-surgical solutions tailored to each individual’s needs.

Feel free to reach out and schedule a consultation and start your journey toward enhanced confidence and well-being.

Alternative Methods

The last thing I feel obligated to bring to your attention is the alternatives people often experiment with once they realize penis enlargement surgery before and after results aren’t satisfactory.

I equally advise against these as I do against penis enlargement surgeries.

These methods revolve around different penis enlargement foods such as penis enlargement CBD gummies and various penis enlargement oils. If you are looking for an alternative, I definitely don’t recommend looking in this direction.

There are no studies that indicate such digestive alternatives help in improving your penis length or girth.


Now I’m certain as I’ve equipped you with all the necessary knowledge about penile enlargement surgery, before and after results, as well as medical perception of these surgeries, you can make an informed decision.

I know that making the first step is always challenging, but together, we can progress towards a level of self-confidence you thought of as unreachable.

Our clinic is committed to providing discreet, personalized care to help you feel your best, both physically and emotionally, bringing your A-game every single time!


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