Penile Augmentation Before And After – Detailed Comparison

Penile Augmentation Before And After – Detailed Comparison

Penis augmentation has been a wide topic of discussion among men as long as it has existed.

Now, I know that some of you are still hesitant to explore this topic, and I hear you. But luckily, the topic of penile augmentation, before and after results, and everything that comes with it has largely become destigmatized.

This allows us men to talk to each other, and share experiences, thoughts, and doubts.

I’ve decided to contribute to this healthy trend by sharing my views on penile augmentation, before and after results I’ve witnessed, as well as some related topics.

Without further ado, let’s get into the info.

Understanding Penile Augmentation

Penile augmentation encompasses a variety of procedures aimed at enhancing the male genitalia’s aesthetic and functional attributes.

In the past, doctors have implemented invasive surgeries, but I’m happy to tell you that’s not the only option out there anymore.

Luckily, the new era of non-invasive non-surgical procedures is on the rise. These procedures often offer shorter downtime, significantly minimized risks, and results you don’t have to wait on forever.

Different Penile Augmentation Procedures

Before you go rushing into any of the procedures under the umbrella term “penile augmentation”, I highly suggest you invest some time into understanding each viable option.

So, let’s work on that.

Penile lengthening surgery is one of the oldest methods of penis augmentation. It involves cutting the ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone, allowing the penis to hang lower and appear longer. The results before and after penile augmentation surgery aren’t drastic, but they are permanent.

Penile girth enhancement is a wider term that can mean a few things. Girth enhancement can be achieved by injecting fat into the penis shaft, injecting hyaluronic acid, or using injections that stimulate the creation of permanent collagen tissue.

Penile implants, otherwise known as penis extensions, are another popular, but outdated method of augmenting a penis. These implants are utilized by men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. These implants impact both length and girth, allowing you to use the penis even if it’s not erect.

PRP injections, otherwise known as P-shots or platelet-rich plasma injections, are modern injections that involve injecting the penis with a concentration of platelets from the patient’s own blood. In theory, it should enhance the volume of your reproductive organ.

Forming Realistic Expectations

Each of these procedures is designed to do the same thing but in different ways. This means that you shouldn’t expect the exact same results from each of these.

Penile lengthening surgery can give you a small enhancement in length, but no significant gain will ensue. Your penis is the length it is, and you can’t change that. The fact that it hangs lower does allow it to extend a bit further, but the results are very limited.

While certain girth enhancement methods can yield considerable results, not all methods bring the same results.

For example, fat injections are certainly not a permanent solution, and you can lose all the volume you’ve gained in just a few months. On the other hand, some collagen-stimulating injections will provide you with permanent results you can enjoy without a time limit.

Collagen-stimulating injections ready for use.

Penile implants are specific in the sense of them being a medical solution to a medical problem. People who suffer from ED struggle to have relations, and by getting penile implants, they work around said problem. If you struggle with erectile dysfunction, you should expect considerable results in performance, but you shouldn’t look at these as a cure.

Lastly, PRP injections aren’t a proven method for penis enlargement or augmentation. Although these can help rejuvenate some damaged tissue, they can only help you potentially regain some lost volume, but they won’t provide you with any newfound girth or length.

Considerations Before The Augmentation

A big part of penile augmentation surgery before and after results is the before aspect. The best thing you can do before you dive into augmenting your reproductive organ is to have all the necessary info.

So, I highly suggest doing extensive research, talking with doctors, and collecting as much data as possible regarding all augmentation options you’re considering.

However, there are a few concrete things you need to consider.

First of all, if you go with a surgical approach, you’ll need quite a few things. Considering you won’t be able to care for yourself in the first 24-48 hours after the operation, you need to make arrangements about that. You need someone who’ll care for you in that timeframe.

If you have children or elderly people who rely on you, you’ll need to make arrangements for them as well.

You’ll also need a comfortable bed, a considerable amount of water close by, and a way to relieve yourself.

All people I’ve talked to that augmented their penis surgically tell me the same thing – good preparation is half the recovery. So, be prepared.

Having said that, I truly recommend you go the non-surgical route. The before aspect is virtually non-existent since you’ll be up and running in no time.

After: Recovery & Aftercare

The after is more complex, regardless of the augmentation procedure you opt for.

If you go the surgical route, you’ll have to take care of the region where the stitches are located to prevent infection.

You’ll also experience long downtime and you’ll have to avoid any activities that cause strain for the region.

For those who opt for a non-surgical option, you’ll have a few things to consider, but nothing quite as strict.

When I perform a non-surgical penis augmentation procedure at Prometheus, I tell my clients they can go about their day the moment we finish. We finish the procedure in about 2 hours, I wrap you up, and you’re ready to go!

Over a few weeks, permanent collagen tissue replaces the filler and you can enjoy the fruits of our work!

Here are a few pics depicting the above-mentioned results:

Prometheus penile augmentation before and after results.

If that sounds like something that fits into your lifestyle, schedule a meeting at my clinic, swing by, and I’ll explain everything in detail.

schedule consultation

But, I digress. When going the non-surgical route, the main thing you have to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t use your penis for a relatively short period of time.

Every non-surgical procedure requires different downtime and recovery period, but none are longer than a few weeks. Also, it’s important to keep the penile area as clean as possible and avoid pressing or straining the region.

Potential Risks and Complications

Let’s get something straight – non-surgical procedures carry minimal risks and complications. If you follow a few simple instructions, you’ll be golden.

The only exception to this rule are hyaluronic acid injections. Some people have experienced clumping and uneven regions which look aesthetically unpleasing and don’t do you much good in the bedroom.

But, that doesn’t go for surgical procedures (lengthening and girth enhancing). Where there’s a cut, there’s a chance for infection.

Although modern medicine gives you ways to prevent this, avoiding complications in 100% of cases isn’t possible. The penile region is prone to sweating and holding bodily fluids, so the risk of infection is present.


Now that I’ve equipped you with the necessary knowledge surrounding penile augmentation, before and after considerations, as well as some well-kept industry secrets, I’m confident you’re fit to make a decision for yourself.

I always recommend coming back to this article if some questions regarding before and after penile augmentation surgery arise in the meantime.

Good luck with your search for the optimal solution, and stay healthy!


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