Is Your Mental Health Affecting Your Sexual Performance?

Is Your Mental Health Affecting Your Sexual Performance?

While many people think their physical health is the biggest factor in their sexual performance, the link between sexual health and mental health is also strong. Studies have shown that nearly 37% of men who experience erectile dysfunction reported anxiety disorders. 

It’s not uncommon for men to struggle with sexual performance when they are experiencing a mental health condition. Unfortunately, many men are reluctant to discuss their mental health concerns due to stigma, shame, or a lack of self-awareness. 

For a man to have a healthy and satisfying sex life, he has to focus on his mental and emotional well-being as well as his physical health. That is why Dr. Malik specializes in men’s sexual health by providing a non-surgical, minimally invasive, permanent penis enlargement procedure. For men who experience stress due to low self-confidence, anxiety over sexual confidence, or general concern over their sexual performance, Prometheus by Dr. Malik can be part of the solution. 

How Depression Affects Sex

The reason depression can have an impact on your sex drive is simply because of biology. Neurotransmitters in your brain are directly related to your feelings of sexual arousal. They allow your brain to communicate with your sex organs. When your brain has a sexual desire, it sends blood through your body to your sex organs, which causes an erection.

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There are several ways depression can affect your sex life.

When you’re depressed, your hormones are off balance, which acts as a barrier for the neurotransmitters. If the chemical levels are lower than normal, your sexual sensation is decreased and what would normally be quite stimulating can even seem dull. 

Unfortunately, depression can make your self-confidence plummet. Paired with lower sensation, this can decrease your interest in sexual activities. 

Effects of Medication 

Oral medication can be a great tool for reducing your depression and feeling more like yourself again. Many men find it difficult to bring up depression medication options with their doctors, but look at it realistically: you’re asking about a medication to fix the physical problem of brain chemical imbalance.

Anxiety and Sexual Health

The reason you may have a lower-than-normal libido when you’re stressed is due to your hormones and chemical levels. When there’s an increase in stress hormones, there’s a decrease in testosterone, which will make it difficult to get aroused.

You may not realize that your stress and anxiety are behind your decreasing libido. Your stress doesn’t have to be at epic levels for it to result in a loss of interest in sex.

Take a minute to evaluate your stress levels.

Are you working on a big new project at work? Is it consuming your thoughts even after you’ve left the office? Or is there a personal relationship that is zapping your time and emotional energy?

If so, there’s a high probability that your stress is crushing your libido and why you aren’t enjoying sex or performing as well. 

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Self-Esteem Issues

How you view yourself significantly impacts your ability to perform in bed. It’s normal for people to have insecurities, the majority of people do. However, if your low self-confidence is impacting your sexual health, you should seek help. 

Unfortunately, many men do not seek out mental healthcare due to society’s stigmas, shame, or feelings of inadequacy. But you deserve a healthy mind and a satisfying sex life. 

Prometheus by Dr. Malik has dedicated his professional career to helping men feel better about their bodies and reclaim their sexual health. If you think penis enlargement will help your self-esteem, read more about our non-surgical, permanent male enhancement procedures. 

Preventing Sexual Problems

There are numerous ways you can prevent sexual problems. Most of them include taking care of your mind and body. 

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Drinking alcohol has a huge effect not just on your mental health, but on your physical health too. If you’re having issues with sexual performance Consider drastically reducing or completely cutting out alcohol. 

You should also eat a healthy, balanced diet. What you put into your body directly affects your chemicals and hormones, which, as we know, affects your sex drive and ability to get aroused.

Communication with your partner is always a key component. It can be uncomfortable to start, but discussing your obstacles, concerns, and stressors can be a huge relief on its own. 

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Sexual Performance and Mental Health 

When you’re having difficulties performing sexually due to your mental health, it’s important to remember you aren’t alone. There is no shame in taking control of your life and improving your sexual experiences.

Our team of professionals at Prometheus is trained and available to answer any questions you have about sexual health and penis enlargement procedures. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

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