Better Sex 101: How to Grow and Nurture Long-Term Sexual Satisfaction

Better Sex 101: How to Grow and Nurture Long-Term Sexual Satisfaction

In a 2019 survey, 45% of Americans said their sex life was stuck in a rut, and 70% said they needed a big boost of excitement between the sheets. No matter how long you’ve been with your partner, it’s possible to get to a point where you’re dissatisfied or bored with your sex life.

But this doesn’t have to be a static problem. By being proactive, you can grow and nurture long-term sexual satisfaction. And as a result, you’ll have better sex with your significant other.

Read on to find out how you can improve sexual intimacy.

Switch Things Up

Have you fallen into a routine with your SO? For instance, you might both come back from work, eat dinner, relax, have sex, then go to bed. While this schedule works, things can quickly become stale.

Think outside the box and switch things up, even if it’s for one day of the week. Set your alarm early and surprise your spouse with morning sex. Or go find them in the shower and have a spontaneous session.

When you break out of your routine, you’ll grow sexual satisfaction.

Communicate With Your Partner

Sometimes, we can feel unheard by our partners, especially as time goes on in the relationship. You start assuming you know one another’s thoughts, but you’d be surprised at what both of you have to say.

Make an effort to communicate openly and safely about your thoughts and desires. These don’t always have to be about sexual needs either.

Being vulnerable with your thoughts can grow more intimacy and trust in the relationship. And in turn, this can heat things up behind doors.

Exercise More

If you’re guilty of being a couch potato, then it’s time to put an end to that. Not only does your gut grow with a sedentary lifestyle, but your endurance and stamina go down as well. Plus, it can decrease your libido.

Exercising and getting in shape only bring benefits. You’ll cut out excess fat, and you’ll be able to last longer in bed. Not to mention, your sex drive will go up, and you’ll feel more confident about your body and how you look.

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There’s nothing sexier than confidence, and your partner will see that when you make an effort to be active. You won’t be able to keep your hands off of one another.

Keep Learning About Sex

You might think you know everything about sex already, but the truth is, new information is always coming out. So stay on top of things and keep learning by listening to podcasts, watching series, and more.

The more you learn about sex, the more you’ll have to apply to your own sex life. You might’ve nailed a technique to get your partner to orgasm, but you never know if you’ll find out something that’ll kick it up a notch. By tweaking that technique, you can blow your partner’s mind and keep improving things in bed.

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Do Things for One Another

Reevaluate how things are divided in the household; are they truly 50/50, or is one person doing a lot more than the other? If someone’s burdened with the majority of household tasks, then it’s normal for them to feel fatigued and not motivated for sex.

Because you and your SO love one another, you should automatically want to help each other out. So if your spouse cooks, offer to wash the dishes. If they’re overwhelmed with work, then offer to take over most chores so they can focus on that.

These small gestures can go a long way and reignite the spark. When we have less of a mental burden, we’re more eager to have mind-blowing sex.

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Go to Therapy

Unresolved issues in your relationship can put a damper on things. Even if you’re still having sex, you might both be subconsciously thinking about existing friction, and not the good kind either.

There’s only so much you can do by hashing things out. Couple’s therapy sessions provide safe spaces for you to voice your true thoughts, and there’s a neutral third party to direct and guide you with their expertise and experience. If you’re having problems with sex, you can also talk about them in your sessions.

You’ll learn valuable tools to speak to one another clearly and effectively. This minimizes destructive behaviors and helps you build a better foundation for your relationship.

Look Into Male Enhancement Procedures

Often, when we aren’t happy with our bodies this dissatisfaction can bleed into our sex lives. While your partner may be pleased with what you are packing you might not be, and it’s tough to get out of your head during sex since you’re always thinking about it.

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In that case a male enhancement procedure can be a huge help. Prometheus by Dr. Malik offers a cutting-edge and minimally-invasive procedure. Even better, this non-surgical procedure has permanent results, so you can feel more confident about your penis for the long haul.

An added benefit is that with a male enhancement procedure, you might be able to physically please your partner more. You’ll be able to take things from good to amazing.

Start Having Better Sex

Better sex is always within reach, so long as you put in the effort. Make sure you communicate openly with your partner, switch things up, do things for one another, and go to therapy if needed.

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As for yourself, focus on exercising and eating right, as those will increase your endurance and stamina. And speak to a medical professional if you’re interested in male enhancement so you can gain confidence.

If you are interested in non-surgical male enhancement, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Malik now.


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