How to Choose a Doctor for Penis Enlargement in Atlanta

How to Choose a Doctor for Penis Enlargement in Atlanta

What to Look For, What to Ask, and Why You Should Choose an MD.

After making the initial decision to take the jump into male enhancement, choosing a doctor and clinic is possibly one of the most critically important tasks to check off. 

But what should you look for in a penis enlargement doctor? It might seem overwhelming, but it comes down to some basic information and how the clinic makes you feel. A good male enhancement clinic will make you feel secure and comfortable in your decision, and supported every step along the way. 

You should be confident in their expertise and experience, and the description of the entire process: from prep to the procedure through healing. 

In this post we’ll explain why having a board-certified medical doctor perform your penis enlargement is important, what questions to ask, and six suggestions to help you decide if a clinic is right for you. 

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Why Should I Have a Medical Doctor Perform My Penis Enlargement? 

There are many different methods of penis enlargement, two of the main categories being surgical and nonsurgical. For surgical procedures, a medical doctor trained in surgery will perform the enlargement. But what about nonsurgical and minimally invasive procedures? 

Even for nonsurgical and minimally invasive male enhancement options, you still want a medical doctor (MD) to perform the procedure. Doctors have the anatomical knowledge necessary to create a natural-looking result and avoid making mistakes that could cause problems with healing. 

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Doctors have a better understanding of penile structure and how the procedure works in the penis, so you can trust their recommendations for the amount of filler, the number of procedures, and more. 

Patient Beware

Unfortunately, not all penis enlargement clinics have a medical doctor on staff, let alone actually performing the procedures. 

If you are thinking about penis enlargement in Atlanta, we have some tips for how to choose the best male enhancement doctor for you.

How to Choose a Penis Enlargement Doctor

  1. Check That They Are Board Certified 

You probably already know that doctors must have a state medical license, but why is it important that they are board certified? 

Board-certified doctors participate in assessment and training beyond the basic requirements of licensure. This shows a commitment to meeting a higher standard of patient care and knowledge of their specialty. 

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  1. Look At Before and After Photos

To get a better understanding of the doctor’s aesthetic skill and results, take a good look at the before and after photos. 

Similar to a plastic surgeon, penis enlargement doctors need an artistic eye for results that look natural and impressive. For permanent dermal filler procedures, like the Prometheus Procedure, placement of the filler is key to the most reliable and visually pleasing enlargement. 

Dr. Malik compares his approach as similar to an artist. 

“I love the creativity and artistry required to sculpt a beautiful result, the same way a sculptor sees a statue in a slab of raw marble. Needle placement for the Prometheus procedures is a process of science and art.”

Farhan Malik, MD

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  1. Read Testimonials

Look for testimonials and reviews that can give you insight into past patients’ experiences. What do they say about their satisfaction with the customer service, staff, and clinic communication? How has the healing process gone? What is sex like now for them after their penis girth enlargement procedure? 

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Extra points for testimonials from their penis enlargement patients’ sexual partners

There is so much more involved in male enhancement than the actual procedure, and testimonials can give you an inside look into the entire process. 

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  1. Pay Attention to the Staff

Specifically for a process as personal as penis enlargement, the staff’s professionalism, knowledge, and helpfulness is a barometer for how your experience will be throughout the procedure and follow up. 

What are the clinic’s values? How do you feel when you interact with the office staff—from the front desk receptionist to the patient advocate? A pleasant office atmosphere says a lot about the doctor, the management, and the clinic’s ethos. 

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  1. Ask About Financing

Since a penis enlargement is an elective cosmetic procedure, insurance will not cover the costs. This means you need to ask the right questions about cost, financing, and payment options. 

Some clinics offer financing, but the specific options vary. Prometheus by Dr. Malik partners with reputable medical financing companies for easy communication. 

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  1. Experience Matters

Just like any other medical procedure, nonsurgical penis enlargement requires extensive experience for the best results. 

Don’t be afraid to ask about the doctor’s experience with men’s sexual health, male enhancement, penis girth enlargement, and the procedure you want. Reputable doctors spend years training alongside other doctors on specific procedures before going out on their own. 

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Dr. Farhan Malik: Premier Penis Enlargement Doctor in Atlanta, GA

Dr. Farhan Malik has years of experience helping men achieve their aesthetic goals. He will design an individualized treatment plan to help you improve your physical appearance and sexual health.

Dr. Malik’s Penis Enlargement Experience

Dr. Malik noticed a strong increase in men looking for reliable penis enlargement, specifically penis girth enlargement. However, he knew the penis enlargement options out there were either invasive surgeries or questionable exercises, pills, and products. 

He trained with Dr. Victor Loria, DO, to learn his nonsurgical procedure. This involved a collagen-layering activation filler process unlike anything else available. Dr. Malik was impressed. He knew men would benefit from a low-risk, nonsurgical, permanent procedure to increase penis girth. 

Dr. Malik trained with other renowned doctors across the country, refining the technique. Now he offers the procedure at Prometheus by Dr. Malik in Atlanta, Georgia. 

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Dr. Malik Outside the Office

Outside of work, Dr. Malik’s interests revolve around family, community service, and sports. Dr. Malik volunteers at a local clinic for those in need of low-cost medical care. 

Dr. Malik has also been a ringside physician since 2005 for promotions including the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA), and the World Boxing Organization (WBO). 

Dr. Malik competed as a kickboxer at the 2014 World Kickboxing Association (WKA) national championships. 

He spends most of his time outside of work with his family: his wife, Azra, who is a doctor of pharmacy; his daughters, Zayna and Iman; and his son, Faiz.

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Still looking for answers about how penis enlargement can work for you? Contact our office for a no-obligation consultation. You will learn everything about penis enlargement in Atlanta, Prometheus by Dr. Malik, and the impressive results of our procedure. 


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