All About Girth Surgery – Professional Insights

All About Girth Surgery – Professional Insights

Men that want to influence their penis size have been offered a plethora of options to choose from.

This information alone is amazing, but when you delve deeper into each method, you start realizing how many different options you can choose from.

One of those options is girth surgery.

Today, I’ve decided to share all the necessary information about penis girth enlargement surgery in order to help you make an informed decision.

Let’s unpack this widely researched topic and see if it’s the right option for you.

Understanding Girth Enhancing Penile Surgery

Simply said, girth surgery is an umbrella term covering all surgical procedures that influence penis girth.

These can vary from saline injections to inflatable and silicone implants. The variety is vast, but every approach carries a different outcome.

Some penis enhancement surgeries have been designed to help with erectile dysfunction or other conditions that people can’t take care of with a daily pill.

A man taking a daily pill for erectile function.

These medical procedures aren’t cosmetic, even if their results may indicate that.

Cosmetic girth enhancing surgery is only that which is done to a healthy penis with no erectile or other similar problems. This is, in 90% of the cases, done with silicone implants.

Types of Girth Surgery

Let’s break down the options further. I believe that understanding each option to the fullest extent is going to help you choose the best option in your case.

Saline penile injections, although injectable, are considered a surgery. The skin on the base of the penis is cut, and a tourniquet is applied in order to prevent the saline to migrate from the penis.

Then, the saline solution is pumped into the penis in order to give it volume and girth. This variation of the male girth enhancement approach is much less invasive than the inflatable or silicone implants, but that doesn’t mean it’s non-invasive.

Another thing I must direct your attention to is the fact that you won’t enjoy permanent results from this approach. The saline solution will, over time, be absorbed by your body.

The other options are implants. The most popular implants are inflatable and silicone implants.

The main difference is the fact that inflatable implants allow your penis to rest in a flaccid state until you activate the pump to simulate an erection.

With silicone implants, the effects are always there. You can’t turn them on or off. This may sound appealing to some of you, but believe me when I say, you’ll miss having control over your erection more than once!

The Procedure of Girth Surgery

As much as the options on the market vary, vary the procedures itself.

If we’re talking about saline injections, I’ve mentioned the notorious tourniquet. This device is placed under the skin, at the root of the penis to prevent the saline from flowing away. In order to place the tourniquet, the doctor must make an incision at the base of the penis.

After pumping the saline, he closes the incision, and you’re ready to go!

Girth enhancement surgery with inflatable implants is a tad bit more complicated. A reservoir with fluid is implanted under the abdominal wall. A pump with a release valve is placed inside the scrotum with two inflatable cylinders inside the penis itself.

Once the pump is activated, the liquid travels to the vessels (cylinders) and simulates an erection.

The silicone implants are much less intricate and focused on simplicity and longevity. Depending on the implant, a specific incision will be made to allow the penis to house the implant.

These can be circular, rod-shaped, or even sleeve-like. Once the implant has been put in place, the penis is stitched up, and the recovery process can begin.

Benefits, Risks, and Considerations of Girth Surgery

I understand it might be hard to keep track of all this information, but that’s why I’ve decided to write about this topic. I urge you to come back as many times as you need until you have all the info you require.

But, I digress, let’s talk about the most important thing – benefits.

Depending on the method, the benefits may be vast. The group of people that report the most benefits are those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. These cases are the only ones I recommend going with girth surgery instead of girth enhancement options.

The downsides of this approach are quite obvious.

First of all, both length and girth surgery cost much more than the majority of men are ready to pay, especially girth enhancement surgery. Many people actually can’t afford the price tag attached to these options, and that’s completely understandable. Although the price went down over the years, it’s still not a procedure that’s widely accessible.

Then, the risks that come with approaches such as these are much more numerous than the non-surgical approaches. Infections, pain, and other complications are more likely to occur.

A man in pain as a result of girth enhancement surgery.

Lastly, the recovery period. Periods of recovery from girth enhancement surgery can be quite lengthy and tedious. Not to mention the fact that you have to go under total anesthesia and that you’ll need someone to take care of you for at least the first 24 hours after the procedure.

I warmly recommend considering all these factors before making your final decision as they’ll impact your life quite drastically.

Alternatives to Girth Surgery

If you don’t suffer from ED or other conditions that can’t be addressed in any other way, I generally believe you shouldn’t rush into any type of surgery or invasive procedure for penile enhancement.

There are many more viable and optimal options out there, and I believe you should consider them all before making a decision.

One popular umbrella term for non-surgical penis enhancement is Dominican dick lift. Thanks to social media, this umbrella term has become more and more searched, but I advise you to approach it with caution as some of the procedures under this umbrella term are not FDA-approved.

But, let’s talk about something that works.

A collagen-tissue stimulating procedure we perform at Prometheus by Dr. Malik has changed thousands of lives—a procedure that takes only a couple of hours from the moment you walk into the clinic.

By placing microinjections of our proprietary filler (made of two FDA-approved substances) under the skin of the penis (1-2 millimeters deep), we stimulate the growth of collagen tissue, which is natural and permanent.

If this sounds like an alternative you can stand behind, schedule a consultation at my clinic. Swing by, and let’s talk procedure, goals, expectations, and recovery. I’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions!

schedule consultation

Other alternatives I won’t dedicate much attention to are some oral supplements for penile enlargement and function improvement that don’t actually work. The only way you can enhance the volume of your penis is through girth-enhancement procedures or girth-enhancing surgery.


There – I’ve shared all the info on girth surgery I believe you need in order to be considered informed on the topic.

Now, the only thing left is for you to make a decision.

Will you go with a surgical approach or a non-surgical approach? This solely depends on your medical state, expectations, and preferences.

I won’t recommend any of these above-mentioned procedures, but I will recommend one thing – do your research, don’t rush the decision-making process, and choose wisely.

That’s how you’ll save yourself countless headaches and bad decisions.

Good luck!


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