For Your Best Penis Enlargement Solution, Work With an MD

For Your Best Penis Enlargement Solution, Work With an MD

Many men are unhappy with the size of their penises, especially if they are shorter than average. This may affect your self-esteem, your relationship with your sexual partner, and even your confidence moving through the world. 

It is important to consider the best penis enlargement solution for your needs and goals. But what can you do to increase your penis size? Is it safe to use over-the-counter pills and creams? What are the risks of penis enlargement without the guidance of a qualified and specialized doctor? Some men think the only way to seek penis enlargement from a medical doctor is to opt for surgery. But they are wrong.

While creams, pills, and surgery are the most common penis enlargement solutions men seek out first, there are better options. Non-surgical penis enlargement performed by a medical doctor is the future of male enhancement. At Prometheus by Dr. Malik, we offer a permanent, minimally invasive, and effective outpatient treatment.

In this article we will discuss:

  • The most common causes of a small penis
  • Penis size concerns
  • Why you should avoid traditional penis enlargement, such as invasive surgery
  • What penis enlargement procedures must be performed by doctors, and which do not
  • Why you should see a medical doctor for penis enlargement
  • Questions to ask your penis enlargement doctor
  • The best non-surgical, permanent penis enlargement procedure

First, let’s review the basics of male enhancement and the Prometheus penis enlargement solution.

What Are the Causes of a Small Penis?

If you have a small penis, you might be wondering why. If you suspect you have a micropenis, an unusually small penis that is usually less than 3 inches in length when erect, you likely have questions. Many factors determine the length and girth of a penis.

Genetic Causes

Many people think that they inherit their penis size from their father’s side, but this isn’t necessarily true. Everyone has two sex chromosomes that determine whether they are male or female. Men have an X chromosome and a Y chromosome. 

Women have two X chromosomes. The gene for penis size may not be on the male Y chromosome but instead on the female X chromosome.

Malnutrition at Key Moments of Development

Lack of nutrition plays a significant part in the development of small penises as well. If a woman didn’t get adequate nutrition while pregnant, the fetus wouldn’t have received enough nourishment either. This can permanently limit the baby’s growth once it is born, and this includes penis size. 

Insufficient nutrition and calories during preadolescence can stunt growth and even delay puberty.  Most people do catch up and go through the hormonal changes of puberty, but their penis size could be permanently affected.

Hormonal Imbalances

Healthy men have relatively high levels of testosterone and low levels of female hormones like estrogen.

Testosterone lowers men’s voices at puberty and gives them stronger and denser muscles. It also promotes high libido levels, penis development, and the ability to get an erection. Having low levels of testosterone from a young age may prevent your penis from reaching its full potential. 

This is especially important in the womb and also during puberty. A lack of testosterone during these times may prevent you from developing typically.

Endocrine Disruptors

If you were exposed to pollutants in the womb or in early life, they could also affect your hormones and development.

Environmental pollution, pesticides, and other toxins can influence hormone function, causing all the related systems to develop abnormally.

Penis Size Concerns

Many men ask themselves, “Is my penis too small?” Far from a simple aesthetic problem, concern over their penis size can develop into very real problems for some men.

Because penis size is such a popular cultural topic, many men tie their masculinity to the inches they are packing. Some men even avoid entering into sexual relationships because of their fear of being belittled or finding out they can’t satisfy a woman in bed.

Avoiding sex and relationships can obviously impact a man’s health and confidence. This is when most men start looking for a penis enlargement solution.

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It’s Not Your Size, It’s Your Confidence

Even men who have average-sized penises can feel disappointed in their size. And that’s ok. Wanting a bigger penis does not mean there is something wrong with you. In fact, many average-sized men want to increase their penis size for a variety of reasons, including looking bigger flaccid in non-sexual situations.

In the end, your sexual confidence is an important part of your life and you should feel good about improving it. Your measurement isn’t what matters; it is how you feel about your body, your sexual performance, and your connection to your partner.

When Bodies Change, Sex Changes Too

Some men feel like they aren’t sexually satisfying their partner, or they aren’t getting the sexual stimulus they want themselves. Especially in long-term relationships, people’s bodies change. Penis enlargement can help bring back the passion and stimulation they once felt.

After giving birth, many women and their partners report sex feeling different than before. Similarly, as men get older their penises can feel less full than when they were younger. Looking for solutions to these problems can be a great way to maintain a fulfilling relationship.

Adding more girth and fullness can increase stimulation during sex for both the man and the woman. This can counteract the physical changes and bring back the passion.

Why You Should Avoid Traditional Penis Enlargement Techniques

You have likely seen many different advertisements for products that claim to increase penis size. Unfortunately, these products are just marketing ploys. There is no evidence that these products and exercise methods work to enlarge the penis. Unfortunately, penis enlargement is a booming business, and many men want a solution, so these products continue to line shelves.

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Over-The-Counter Creams and Supplements

Some advertise ancient African remedies that can supposedly make a penis grow several inches. Others advertise topical creams that can cause your penis to miraculously grow.

It is essential to understand that none of these products are backed by science. Over-the-counter supplements and creams are not medically proven to work. They use marketing tactics and sneaky wording to subtly promise what they cannot deliver.

These products are unregulated, most including “active ingredients” and don’t actually do anything. They could include potentially dangerous ingredients that may cause side effects or interact badly with other medications you are using.

The Dangers of Stretching Your Penis with Exercises and Equipment

Exercises like jelqing or using penis stretching equipment have limited research, based mostly on personal accounts in online forums. The risks outweigh any potential gains.

There is a high chance that you could damage the blood vessels in the penis and cause tearing or bruising that will permanently affect the penis tissue and your sexual performance. That is a big gamble on an unproven method.

The Dangers of Penis Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery is a controversial practice for many doctors because of the risks of infection and permanent sexual dysfunction.

There are a few penis enlargement surgery methods:

  • Cutting the suspensory ligament
  • Tissue grafting
  • Implants

Each has its own risks and side effects, ranging from erections that point downward to increased risk of infection and host rejection of the new material.

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The good news is that penis enlargement surgery is not your only option anymore. There are better, non-surgical, permanent penis enlargement procedures that do not require surgery.

Are All Penis Enlargement Procedures Performed by Medical Doctors? 

No, not all penis enlargement procedures are performed by medical doctors. Depending on the specifics of the procedure, different levels of education and experience are required by law. 

Penis enlargement surgeries, such as implants, must be performed by a qualified surgeon. This type of male enhancement comes with risks even when performed by a qualified surgeon, which is what makes it a controversial treatment option. 

Does Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement Have to be Performed by a Medical Doctor? 

No. Non-surgical penis enlargement, such as applying fillers, does not require a medical doctor to perform the procedure. However, that does not mean the results will be the same when performed by someone with other qualifications. 

Some offices that perform penis enlargement with fillers do not use a medical doctor. Instead, they have physician assistants or nurse practitioners perform the injection procedure. 

What Is the Difference Between a Medical Doctor and a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant? 

While both nurse practitioners and physician assistants are educated and important parts of the medical community, the best option for penis enlargement is a board-certified medical doctor. 

The main difference between a nurse practitioner, a physician assistant, and a medical doctor is the amount of training required for each. This makes them better suited for different responsibilities. 

Why See a Medical Doctor for Penis Enlargement? 

Aestheticians, nurses, and nurse practitioners do not receive the breadth and depth of medical training that medical doctors do. Although many places allow other certifications to perform injections, penis enlargement is a specialized treatment that requires specific knowledge and skill. 

A medical doctor who specializes in male sexual health has a deep understanding of the anatomy of the penis. They have experience treating patients, working alongside other medical doctors, and studying the body’s functions. 

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Dr. Farhan Malik: Atlanta’s Penis Enlargement Medical Doctor

Dr. Farhan Malik is a double-board certified medical doctor specializing in male enhancement, men’s sexual health, and sports medicine. He has the technical skill, patient experience, and anatomical schooling to perform penis enlargement that looks and feels natural while enhancing your personal anatomy. Not only does Dr. Malik have incredible skill, but he also has an artistic eye for beauty and symmetry.

Questions to Ask Your Penis Enlargement Doctor 

Choosing the right medical doctor to perform your penis enlargement is an important task. Your penis is a delicate area, and you want to make sure your doctor is an expert at the procedure. 

How Long Have You Been Performing Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement? 

A doctor with more experience has the intuition of what techniques to use for the best results. 

Dr. Malik trained alongside world-renowned penis enlargement doctors to perfect the technique of applying microinjections to the penis shaft, head, and scrotum.

Why Do You Perform Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement?

The male enhancement industry is a multi-million dollar business. Some medical professionals want to add penis enlargement services to their existing menu of treatments. To them, penis enlargement is just one of many varied procedures they offer.

Dr. Malik offers non-surgical penis enlargement because he saw an opportunity to help men gain the confidence they need. Prometheus by Dr. Malik focuses solely on penis enlargement. This specialization means our entire clinic—from the office personnel to Dr. Malik himself—is dedicated to encouraging men to be their best selves. 

What Professional Recognition Have You Earned?

The medical industry regularly recognizes excellent work with awards, so it is worth asking your doctor about the awards they have earned. 

Dr. Malik’s reputation as an honest, compassionate doctor who delivers incredible penis enhancement results has earned him recognition in the field of sexual health and aesthetics. He was recently selected as Best Male Enhancement Doctor by Best Self Atlanta magazine.

The Best Penis Enlargement Solution: Doctor Approved

Working with a medical doctor for penis enlargement is important for the best results. A medical doctor can ensure you meet your penis enlargement goals safely. A doctor is also familiar with the art and aesthetics of penis enlargement, making sure you get results that look natural.

Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement Solution: Prometheus by Dr. Malik

Dr. Malik is a double-board certified medical doctor and men’s sexual health expert based in Atlanta, Georgia. At Prometheus, he has perfected a non-surgical technique for permanent penis enlargement.

What You Need to Know

There are no stitches, long recovery times, or scars. You won’t need to deal with the groggy side effects of general anesthesia either.

He and the Prometheus team are highly skilled in this procedure and confident that it will give you the results you’ve been looking for.

But how can you grow your penis without undergoing surgery? The Prometheus procedure involves a proprietary filler that encourages your body to create more collagen in your penis. 

Collagen is a vital part of your body. It is in your skin, muscles, joints, and bones. You lose a small percentage of collagen every year. This can be seen in your skin which gets more wrinkled as you get older and lose more collagen.

Stimulating the collagen production in your penis increases its size, both in length and girth.

Size Gains Where You Want Them

Dr. Malik can apply the treatment throughout the penis area. He can apply the filler to the shaft, the glands, and the scrotum, depending on where you want to see enhancement. During your consultation with Dr. Malik, you can discuss your goals and determine where he will apply the treatment.

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Your Goals, Your Treatment Plan

During your consultation, Dr. Malik will also ask about your goals for size increase. Depending on how much of an increase you want to see, you may opt to come back for additional treatments. Each treatment adds to the last, compounding the results you see every time.

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Permanent Results

Dr. Malik’s procedure is permanent due to the filler’s ability to stimulate the body’s collagen production. Unlike other fillers that gradually dissipate over time, there is no maintenance or upkeep necessary. Of course, you can always return to Prometheus for additional size if you decide that is what you want.

Bigger Flaccid Size

After the treatment, your flaccid penis size will be larger as well. Many patients enjoy the added confidence of looking bigger flaccid in non-sexual situations like nude beaches, locker rooms, or simply showering in front of partners.

The Effects of Penis Enlargement: Everything You Need To Know

About Dr. Malik: Atlanta’s Best Penis Enlargement Doctor

Dr. Farhan Malik is a double board-certified medical doctor specializing in sports medicine, men’s sexual health, and male enhancement, also known as penis enlargement. He is the owner and Senior Medical Director of Prometheus by Dr. Malik as well as the Medical Director at Atlanta Innovative Medicine.

As an expert in regenerative medicine and non-surgical cosmetic penile enlargement, Dr. Malik trained alongside cosmetic surgeon and male enhancement specialist Dr. Victor Loria.

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What to Expect During the Prometheus Penis Enlargement Procedure


Before the procedure, you will go in for a consultation. This will allow you to voice your concerns about your penis size and what you hope to achieve with this procedure.

Dr. Malik will help you come up with a plan to get the best results, including what parts to enhance and how many treatments you will need to reach your ideal size.

Do you want the glands (the head of the penis) to be larger and longer? Or do you want to increase the girth by getting injections in the shaft? Do you want to enhance your scrotum as well? This penis enlargement solution is customizable to your anatomy and goals.

These are all possibilities that you can make real with the Prometheus procedure. You can enhance all the areas you want in the same appointment.


The procedure begins with a topical numbing cream. Once the numbing cream has taken effect, a lidocaine injection will ensure the procedure is virtually painless.

Then Dr. Malik applies microinjections just under the skin. He determines placement according to your goals and your penis size and shape. At this time you can lie back and relax, listen to music, or even watch a movie. Most patients report minimal discomfort.

Your penis will then be wrapped with gauze after the procedure.

Recovering After the Procedure

It is important to keep your penis protected and clean during this recovery time. Dr. Malik will give you specific directions for the weeks following the procedure. This will include refraining from sexual contact, including masturbation, for a period of time. This won’t last long, and soon you will be showing off your new size in the ways you have always dreamed of.

Benefits of the Prometheus Penis Enlargement Procedure

After the procedure, your penis will be significantly girthier and longer—and the results are permanent.

You can finally see (and feel) the penis size you have always wanted. This new feeling of sexual confidence can lead to better sexual performance and more sexual satisfaction.

Our patients even report that this confidence follows them out into the world—at their jobs and in other non-sexual situations. They feel better about themselves, leading to improved overall confidence. Whether you are changing clothes in the locker room or taking a shower, you can feel a difference.

Sexual Health Benefits of Penis Enlargement

All About the Best Penis Enlargement Solution

The modern method of penis enlargement is non-surgical, permanent, and personalized. Dr. Malik developed the Prometheus procedure to be effective, safe, and minimally invasive.

If you are considering penis enlargement, seeing a medical doctor experienced in men’s sexual health is the best way to ensure an excellent result without complications. Ask questions, be thorough, and get the answers you need to make the right choice.

Prometheus by Dr. Malik: Non-Surgical, Permanent Penis Enlargement

Get the penis size you have always wanted without compromising your health. Under the care of a medical doctor, you can feel confident in the procedure, healing, and outcomes. Don’t shortchange yourself when it comes to your sexual health.

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