Does Testosterone Increase Penis Size? (Definitive Answer Here)

Does Testosterone Increase Penis Size? (Definitive Answer Here)

We’re all men. We ask questions. Is that bad? Absolutely not.

One question in particular I’m here to answer today is does testosterone increase penis size.

I understand the premise behind this question, and I completely understand what you’re expecting to get as an answer and why.

But, it’s not that simple. Actually, there’s quite a lot that goes into giving an answer to this question and explaining it.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into the facts.

Understanding Testosterone

Testosterone is one of the most popular and well-researched hormones. Men (and women) rely on it for bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, as well as to be a regulatory factor in sex drive, otherwise known as libido.

Besides these functions, testosterone impacts a plethora of other factors in human anatomy such as the production of red blood cells and sperm.

Taking that into consideration, I understand where the question “does testosterone increase size of penis” stems from.

Don’t feel stupid for asking it. Many men have asked it before you, and many will ask it after you.

The short answer is no, but why that is and how testosterone and penis size correlate is a topic I will discuss further, so let’s dive in.

Testosterone and Penis Size: The Connection

As I’ve said, there’s no real connection between penis size and testosterone levels.

The only connection testosterone and penis size have is the fact that testosterone plays a crucial role in the development of male reproductive tissues. But, this primarily happens in the fetal development phase.

However, in adults, the effect of testosterone on penis size diminishes almost completely.

There are some studies that indicate the benefit of testosterone treatment in young pubescent men who suffer from micropenises.

However, this is just one proven instance in which testosterone can positively impact the size of a penis.

Other young, healthy men, regardless of their age, don’t experience any benefit from heightened testosterone levels.

This further proves that raising testosterone levels won’t be beneficial to penis size unless we’re talking about specific cases.

Does Testosterone Increase Penis Size in Adults?

Unlike some specific cases with pre-pubescent and pubescent male children, testosterone will not influence the penis size of an adult male.

Full-grown males have exited the formative years, and it’s not possible to influence the size of their reproductive organs with testosterone treatment.

However, testosterone has a role in male sexual function and influences libido, erectile function, and other intercourse-related aspects.

Men who suffer from conditions that are related to testosterone deficiency will enjoy some benefits, just not penis-enlarging ones.

Other Factors People Think Influence Penis Size

People believe many things can influence the size of a penis. Unfortunately, the internet fuels these false hopes by providing men with half-truths and cryptic pieces of information.

I’ve decided to address this as well, so you can put those beliefs behind you.

A common misconception is that the foods men consume have something to do with their penis size. That’s where questions such as “Does losing weight increase penis size” stem from.

I completely understand the logic behind such questions. However, I need to address this with an unambiguous answer:

While losing weight will definitely positively impact your reproductive functions, fertility, erection, semen quality, and other aspects, it won’t increase the size of your penis.

A man squatting with weights trying to lose weight.

In cases where a lot of fat encompasses the penis, it may appear larger after losing weight, but the length alone won’t change.

Another factor that influences penis size is lifestyle. If you’re a smoker, a drinker, or a narcotics abuser, you’ll most likely experience shrinkage in your penis, which is the opposite of what most men want to experience.

So, while your surroundings and what you put in your body can influence the aesthetic presentation of your penis, non can do so in a positive manner.

Testosterone Therapy: Uses and Misconceptions

Well if natural testosterone won’t impact your penis size, does taking testosterone increase penis size?

To be upfront with you, the answer is still no.

Although testosterone therapy has countless benefits, especially for men who have reached a certain part of life, penis size increase is not one of those benefits.

When men reach a certain age, testosterone production starts falling short. Men face various problems due to this, some of the most popular ones being prostate problems, erectile dysfunction, low libido, tiredness, and more.

Testosterone therapy will more than likely help with all of these problems, but it most definitely won’t increase the size of your penis.

Although some men that have experienced erectile dysfunction may believe their penis is larger on testosterone therapy, I guarantee that’s just a visual trick your brain is playing on you.

But, I’m not a certified endocrinologist, so I won’t go into great detail regarding testosterone therapy.

Proven Ways to Increase Penis Size

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you can’t influence your penis size with methods such as eating, testosterone therapy, or anything of similar nature.

The most optimal thing you can do is undergo a penis enhancement procedure.

One that I recommend, as I’ve had the most experience in my 20+ year-long career is collagen-stimulating injections. The procedure I’m mentioning is called “Prometheus”.

It’s based on injecting 2 FDA-approved substances 1-2 millimeters deep under the skin of the penis. These substances further stimulate the growth of collagen tissue, which is natural-looking, does not desensitize the region, and is permanent.

To those who are ready to influence their penis size in the best possible way, and do so permanently, I suggest you make an appointment at my clinic. Swing by, and let’s talk goals, expectations, recovery, and all the things you might want to ask about.

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I believe that when answering a delicate question such as “Does testosterone increase penis size?”, you have to be careful with the way you’re presenting information to your audience.

Taking that into consideration, I’m going to give you a definitive answer – testosterone doesn’t increase penis size.

I hate to see men create false hope from empty promises that people with personal agendas tend to give.

I like to say it how it is, and that’s what I’ve done. Luckily, testosterone isn’t the only affordable option to enhance the size of your penis.

This field of medicine has drastically evolved over the years and now offers a variety of high-quality procedures.

The only thing I ask is to research every topic you come across that’s concerning your penis thoroughly and carefully. That’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

Best of luck!


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