Does Penis Enlargement Work?

Does Penis Enlargement Work?

The Ultimate Guide to Your Penis Enlargement Options

Wanting a bigger penis is nothing new. Men and women of cultures all over the world have appreciated larger penises since the dawn of time. Fertility gods, like Priapus from Greek mythology, are depicted with oversized penises to represent their vitality. Larger penises can represent masculinity and sexual prowess. Most importantly, having a larger penis can add to your self-confidence—and who doesn’t want more of that

Wanting a body you feel confident about is a normal human desire, and being proud of your penis is part of that. The question is, does penis enlargement work?

Look for Proof, Not Hype

There are many penis enlargement options out there touting unbelievable results. However, many penis enlargement surgery options carry high risks; nonsurgical options, such as male enhancement pills, are not proven to be effective and can also have negative side effects. Self-confidence should not come at the cost of your health. 

That was the inspiration for the Prometheus Procedure by Dr. Malik. He saw the options and knew there had to be something better: permanent, low-risk, outpatient, and effective. Read more about Prometheus by Dr. Malik

So the answer is yes, there are penis enlargement methods that work. However, there are many that simply don’t, or the risks are higher than most men want to deal with. You owe it to your health to do your research, so we’re going to answer some of the most common questions men have when searching for penis enlargement. 

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Do Male Enhancement Pills and Products Work? 

There are lots of male enhancement pills, lotions, and extender devices that advertise amazing penis enlargement results. However, none of them have been proven to work and they can actually be dangerous. 

Male Enhancement Pills

Advertisements often claim over-the-counter pills and lotions are a “natural” way to increase penis size, but the ingredients are not proven to work, are not FDA certified, and can interfere with preexisting conditions or other medications

The most common ingredients in pills include ginkgo biloba, yohimbine, maca, horny goat weed, and Sildenafil, an ingredient also in erectile dysfunction medications. None of these ingredients have been proven to make any difference in actual penis size. 

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pills don't work

Male Enhancement Lotions or Creams

They just don’t work. Similarly to male enhancement pills, lotions often include ingredients like vitamins, minerals, herbs, and blood flow enhancers that don’t actually enlarge your penis size. 

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps are products that pull blood into the penis, which makes it swell and appear larger. However, this result is temporary. Using a penis vacuum pump for too long or too often can damage the nerves and tissues in the penis. 

Does Jelqing Work?

Jelqing is a specific exercise that claims to make the penis appear larger. The exercise includes stretching the flaccid penis, supposedly pushing blood towards the penis head and creating “micro-tears” that look engorged when they heal. In reality, there is no proof that jelqing or similar stretching exercises work, and there are many risks associated with prolonged pressure. Risks from jelqing include: 

  • Scar tissue formation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Numbness 
  • Vein rupture

Do Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Work for Penis Enlargement? 

Shots and treatments, such as the Priapus Shot (also known as the P-Shot) and shockwave therapy, are popular for treating erectile dysfunction. Some clinics claim that these treatments can make the penis appear larger as well, but these claims are not founded in research. Treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED) are developed to improve erection quality for those with existing ED. They have no effect on size. 

Is Penis Enlargement Surgery Effective?

Surgery for penis enlargement can be effective, however the cost, risks, and variable outcomes are a lot for most men to accept. There are a few different types of penis enlargement surgeries, each with their own risks and levels of effectiveness. 

Silicone Implants

Under general anesthesia, a surgeon inserts a silicone implant into the penis. If the implant malfunctions or your body rejects it, further surgeries will be necessary. 

Fat Transfer

A surgeon removes fat cells from a donor site on your body and injects them into your penis. Since this type of fat is not naturally found in the penis, this can have varying results of success. Some cases result in unevenness and a penis that feels unnatural. 

Suspensory Ligament Division

By cutting a suspensory ligament that holds the penis to the pubic bone, the flaccid penis may hang lower and appear longer. No additional size is actually added, and there is no change in the erect penis size. Additionally, without this ligament there is a change in the trajectory of the erect penis (it will point lower than before surgery). 

Risks of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Surgical penis enlargement is still surgery, so there are all the same risks as any other surgical procedure, in addition to the specific risks to sexual performance. These risks include: 

  • Infection
  • Scarring from cutting and stitches
  • Wounds that will not heal properly
  • Complications during general anesthesia
  • Permanent unplanned changes in the shape of the penis (including curving of the penis)

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Specifically, the American Urological Association (AUA) does not recommend either penile fat transfer or suspensory ligament division to be safe or effective. 

Cost of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Depending on the type of surgery and your location, the cost can vary between $16,000 to $30,000. Since most men looking into penis enlargement surgery are getting it for aesthetic reasons rather than medical, insurance will not cover the cost. 

Nonsurgical Collagen-Layering Activation for Permanent Penis Enlargement

Collagen is the most common protein in the body, making up connective tissue in our bones, skin, cartilage, tendons, and muscles, including in the penis. Collagen layering for penis enlargement is a technique that encourages your body to produce more collagen, increasing the size of the area. 

The Prometheus Procedure

Dissatisfied with the high-risk surgical options and ineffective nonsurgical treatments offered to men, Dr. Malik developed The Prometheus Procedure to be low risk, outpatient, and permanently effective. He worked with pioneers in collagen layering for permanent penis enlargement, eventually perfecting the technique for exceptional results.

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There’s no cutting, no stitching, no general anesthesia, no scars. Just a few expertly-placed micro-injections of a proprietary filler in your penis shaft, glans (head), or scrotum to achieve the results you want. 

  • Treating the penile shaft increases your total girth
  • Treating the glans increases the balance and proportion of your penis
  • Treating the scrotum can create a fuller, more attractive and comfortable area

Permanent Penis Enlargement in Atlanta

If you are considering penis enlargement in the Atlanta area, contact the team at Prometheus by Dr. Malik for more information about the procedure, financing, and personalized treatment recommendations. 

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