Atlanta Penis Enlargement: Top 5 Penis Enlargement Myths

Atlanta Penis Enlargement: Top 5 Penis Enlargement Myths

Hey man are you not satisfied with your penis size? Do you worry about not pleasing your partners? Have you found yourself googling Atlanta Penis Enlargement

Don’t worry; it doesn’t mean you’re any less of a man. 30 percent of all men aren’t happy about how much they’re packing. 

But what if you didn’t have to be a part of this thirty percent? What if you could obtain the confidence, length, and satisfaction you desire? 

Non-surgical penis enlargement is a great option for any man who wants to increase their stature. However, it comes with quite a few popular myths that might scare you off the trail. 

We’re here to dispel some penis enlargement myths and encourage you to get out and get what you want, as well as provide you with some penis enlargement tips.

1. You Need Surgery 

The biggest thing that might keep you away from penis enlargement is a concern about cutting open your junk. We can’t blame you. Penis enlargement surgeries are gruesome, costly, and cause a long recovery time…and if that surgery is botched? 

Oh man. 

Even if they go well, these surgeries can leave your penis not quite the same. One of the most common surgery tactics involves cutting a key ligament, which causes your penis to appear bigger when flaccid. This increases aesthetic appearance, but functionally, your penis is the same length it might even have trouble performing.

Other tactics, such as fat injections and skin grafting, are equally rough. These are surgeries one shouldn’t go through unless under the direst circumstances.  

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Luckily, in this age where even liposuction doesn’t require surgery, penis enlargement surgeries are becoming a thing of the past. There are many other organic tactics to stimulate penis growth.

Prometheus is at the cutting edge of penis-enlargement procedures. Just check out this blog which walks you through the steps of our procedure. This procedure is simple, low-risk, and focused on using your body’s own hormones to enlarge your penis. 

And hey, if you’re fine with your length, but want to improve your girth we do that too

2. You Need to Go Old-School

Surgery is often considered one of the pinnacles of our contemporary culture. Because surgery isn’t a great option for penis enlargement, you might think that the best way to go about it is to use the tactics of the days of yore. 

Enter: jelqing, the age-old technique that (supposedly) works similarly to working out. Well, at least fans of the procedure claim it’s age-old; no one has been able to verify these claims so far. 

Jelqing involves a series of stretches and exercises. Most famously, one attaches a small weight to one’s penis and wears it for an extended period of time. Much like weightlifting, this creates microtears in a man’s penis, which supposedly causes it to grow back stronger, thicker, and longer. 

Sound gruesome? Sound spurious? We think so too. 

The penis is an organ, not a muscle. In fact, there are no muscles in the penis. It requires a different, more gentle, sort of care than a bicep. 

The Prometheus procedure doesn’t require any exercise from you and works with a proprietary filler to build the collagen in your penis.

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3. It’s Time to Pop Pills

The culture we live in has a pill for everything. You might be tempted to try to go to your doctor and get pills that will help you grow your penis. 

However, these almost never work. 

Penis enlargement pills often don’t need approval from the FDA to claim they’re effective. This is because they’re often a combination of herbal supplements that claim to increase blood flow, length, and sexual performance. 

While it’s not likely that these will cause you any sort of serious injury or complication, you’ll likely throw away and waste your money. You might get tempted to try this just to see if it works; however, this is a great way to get sucked in. These con artists are very efficient and might just convince you that you need to wait to see the effects costing you time and money. 

4. You Need a Penis Pump

If you’ve ever seen Austin Powers, you might think the only way to make your penis larger is to make use of a comically absurd machine that seems more like a death-trap than something you want near your junk. 

Believe it or not, people really use these penis pumps (though we’re not sure if the Swedish ones are as popular as Austin says). Their official name is “vacuum pumps” which doesn’t make them any less horrifying. 

The idea behind them is that the vacuum seal creates a great environment for blood to flow to your penis and enlarge it. However, as you can guess, this has caused problems in the past. One of these is burst penis blood vessels. 

One thing’s for sure: these pumps are a great way to wind up with a bruised penis. 

5. It’s Not Possible 

Bigger than any of the above myths about penis enlargement, the most prevalent out there is that it’s not possible to enlarge your penis. Many people, because they haven’t found the right technique, simply give up, and live unsatisfied. 

But it works. It really does

 With Prometheus, you don’t need to maim yourself to achieve the body that you desire. You can get the penis you want naturally tailored to your needs. Just need to enhance your penis head size? We have you covered

Another mini-myth we’d like to dispel is that wanting a larger penis doesn’t mean that your current partner doesn’t like your penis size. It just means that you want them to like it even more.

Atlanta Penis Enlargement

That’s right folks, your days of googling Atlanta penis enlargement are over. Now that you have the most popular penis enlargement myths dispelled for you, you’re well on your way to ultimate satisfaction. 

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For more information on the penis enlargement procedure of your dreams, schedule a consultation with us today.


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