11 Tips for Gaining Sexual Confidence

11 Tips for Gaining Sexual Confidence

Want to improve your confidence and have better sex? If your confidence is impacting your sex life, you’re not alone.

There’s a lot to think about. Am I actually satisfying my partner, or is she faking it? Does she like my body? What if I can’t last long enough or stay hard? 

Prometheus by Dr. Malik was founded on the principle that every man deserves to feel bulletproof confidence in the bedroom and that confidence will follow him everywhere. For years, Dr. Malik has helped men in Atlanta invest in their sexual confidence without taking pills or turning to surgery.

Here are 11 ways to increase your sexual confidence. 

1. Talk to Your Partner

You need to be open and vulnerable with your partner (or sexual partners if you’re not in a relationship). The more you talk, share, and ask questions, the better. That might sound scary, but it shouldn’t!

When you talk, you’ll be able to discover what your partner likes and doesn’t like, and this will give you confidence because you’ll feel reassured that you’re pleasuring and satisfying them. You might also find something new and exciting you both desire, but you’ll never know if you don’t discuss it! Don’t be afraid to share your sexual needs too; it’s not all about your partner. Sex should be mutually enjoyable and satisfying, and thinking in this way increases confidence for everyone involved.

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2. Be Present in The Moment

Don’t be in your head, be in your body. This is sometimes easier said than done, but remember, sex isn’t about thinking; it’s about feeling.

When you catch yourself having a lot of thoughts, slow down and bring yourself back to your breath and to the physical sensations you’re experiencing.

If you find this difficult, there are 2 things to try. The first is to monitor your thoughts, notice any trends or things that are consistently coming up for you, and work through them. And the second thing is to try meditation. Meditation teaches you how to clear your head and stay present, and this is useful not just for your sex life, but for other areas like your career too!

3. Make an Effort with Your Appearance

It’s hard to have sexual confidence when you don’t feel good about how you look physically. This isn’t about your physical body, it’s about the things you get to choose.

How do you feel about your clothes and style? Does your wardrobe need a revamp? Choose flattering clothes that make you feel good. If you don’t feel confident with this, recruit a female friend to help you!

Other things you can think about include cologne, grooming, and dental health. When you look good on the outside, you’ll feel better on the inside.

If you’re in a relationship, ask your partner what she likes! Does she prefer when you’re clean-shaven, or when you wear a certain color? This can give you a confidence boost too.

4. Know Your Status

Be honest. When was the last time you had a sexual health checkup? CDC recommends testing at least once per year and testing every 3-6 months if you have multiple sexual partners. Know your status and have confidence in that when you have sex.

When you’re with a new partner, the last thing you want to have on your mind is thinking you could be catching something. And you definitely don’t want post-nut clarity, as they say, when you realize the huge risk you’ve just taken. Knowing you’re being safe increases your sexual confidence.

Imagine having HIV, or having a baby when you don’t feel ready for one. If those things put the fear of God in you, you need to be using a form of protection and/or contraception.

5. Work on Your Body

How do you feel about your physical body? Things like weight gain and signs of aging can knock your confidence, and the cure for that is exercise!

Remember the protein powder you bought and never used? It’s time to take it out of retirement!

Working out and eating well will improve your physical appearance, reduce signs of aging, benefit your mental health, AND give you a big energy boost (that you can use in the bedroom!).

Evaluate your current diet and exercise routine and see where you can make small improvements and build from there. Doing this will noticeably improve your confidence and increase your stamina. Certain foods will also help you to stay erect for longer.

6. Learn and Research New Things

Don’t be afraid to explore new things in the bedroom. There’s a first time for everything, and there are always new things to see, feel, and experience.

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Research new positions, locations, kinks, events, and more. You might surprise yourself with the things that excite you. You can involve your partner in this too, and this makes it a relationship-building experience full of self-discovery and pleasure.

This gives you more experience and self-awareness, which is uplifting for your sexual confidence.

7. Learn to Love Your Body

This sounds weird, but try looking at yourself naked regularly. And when you do, instead of picking out things you don’t like about yourself or things you want to change, consciously tell yourself at least one thing you like about your body.

Discover what’s normal (spoiler alert, everything is normal), and stop using pornography or models as your measure of what your body should be like! Anything about yourself that you think is undesirable or unattractive; there are women who are attracted to it!

8. Know You Don’t Need Experience

If you’re lacking sexual confidence because you feel inexperienced, you might be surprised to discover that many women are actually turned on by the idea of inexperienced men.

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You don’t need to sleep around or hire escorts for sex help; that’s not good for your head. All you need to do is be open and honest with your sexual partners (refer to tip 1!). Don’t be afraid of your inexperience; own it! See it as an opportunity to learn and explore rather than something to be self-conscious about.

Know that everyone is capable of pleasuring someone. Being open to learning and to giving more than receiving is all you need. Dan Savage calls this being good, giving, and game!

9. Try Non-surgical Penis Enlargement

If you’re feeling insecure about the length or girth of your penis, this is something worth exploring

With a minimally-invasive and permanent procedure, Prometheus by Dr. Malik has helped men achieve their penis enlargement goals and see renewed sexual confidence. The non-surgical procedure uses collagen layering, a technique that encourages your body to produce more collagen, increasing the size of the area. 

Dr. Malik has perfected this technique, helping men see permanent enlargement and amplified sexual confidence. Read more about Prometheus and the incredible results here. 

10. Know You’re Not “Performing”

Viewing sex as a performance, or having thoughts of needing to last a certain amount of time, or for your partner to orgasm X amount of times, is damaging to your relationship and sex confidence.

Stop adding unnecessary pressure on yourself. The only outcome of sex in your head should be a mutual pleasure. Not how long it’s going to be, what positions you’re going to do, or any other vanity metric you feel is important to you.

Work on staying fully present in the moment and the pleasure, and communicate with your partner. Ask your partner(s) exactly what they want and need, and this will help you to release any pressure you’re putting on yourself.

11. Work on Your Confidence Outside The Bedroom

How is your confidence in the other areas of your life? Often how we feel about ourselves overall reflects in all areas of our lives. We need to have confidence in the boardroom and the bedroom!

If you feel unconfident about having conversations about sex, how do you feel about speaking up and sharing new ideas in work meetings? Chances are, you feel unconfident about both.

So if you want to increase your confidence in bed, you need to address your confidence in general. That comes from a clear knowledge of who you are, what makes you unique, and what you have to contribute to the world and your relationships.

Gaining Sexual Confidence

Sexual confidence takes time. But if you take care of your physical and mental health and learn to be more open with your partner/partners, you’re well on your way!

Don’t be afraid of therapy for anything relating to men’s sexual health, like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido, or mental trauma. Sex therapists have heard every story, and they know exactly how to help you.

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If you’re looking to invest in yourself, your confidence, and your sex life, schedule a consult with us to start your journey to igniting your confidence. You will learn everything about penis enlargement in Atlanta, Prometheus by Dr. Malik, and the impressive results of our procedure. 


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